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How to choose health products

How To Choose Health Supplement

The best source of nutrition is no doubt natural food. Yet, easier said than done, with all the unhealthy diet habits city dwellers are acquiring, getting enough nutrients from food gets harder than we thought. If you find it hard to have three square meals a day, meat takes a larger portion on your plate than vegetables, or eating out a lot, taking health supplements might be an approachable way to get those nutrients you cannot get from your food. With all kinds of health supplements available on the market, we recommend everyone consider these criteria before buying any health supplements.

1. Is the Healthy Supplement safe?

Safety should always come first when it comes to things that go into our tummy. There are all kinds of health supplement brands that originate from different countries yet with similar formula names, making picking the right health supplement often an overwhelming task for people new to health supplements. When considering what makes a product safe, pay attention to these points:

  • Are the ingredients all-natural? Read through the ingredients label to check if there are any preservatives, sweeteners, or artificial coloring added to the health supplement. Prevent all these artificial additives that will harm your health before strengthening it.
  • Brands that grow their herbs and plants can ensure the consistent quality of their ingredients. Especially if you are looking for a kids health supplement, elderly supplement, or pregnancy health supplement , a cleaner and purer formula is always better.
  • Is the manufacturing practice under quality control? Always look for health supplements that passed the GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) standard. Make sure that both the ingredients used in the formula and the manufacturing process is safe.

2. Is the Health Supplement Suitable for you?

Forget about all the fancy promises the health supplement advertisements showed you, but bear in mind people of different ages, gender, and habits have their own distinct needs of nutrition. For example: Kids would need a stable source of DHA to support the healthy development of the brain. Calcium that is good for the growth of bones and tooth is also essential for the kids. Health supplements in the shape of gummy bears minus all the artificial substance or nutrition droplets will also help you skip all the fuss to get them to take the supplements! The elderly would need glucosamine and chondroitin to ease joint pain and promote the regeneration of cartilage cells. Vitamins are also crucial to keep their immune system strong and healthy. Some elderly might have difficulties in swallowing, therefore always look for easy swallow formulas when buying elderly health supplements. Women going through the pregnancy stage would need folic acid to keep the baby healthy. While not to miss some vital vitamins and minerals that every adult women need to stay healthy. Therefore, consider a complex vitamin supplement to go with the folic acid supplement for the mothers-to-be!

3. Is the Retailing Platform Trustworthy?

We recommend you choose a trustworthy health supplement retail platform that is run by nutritionists. Platforms like Gogo Herbs even offer a WhatsApp hotline for customers to contact their nutritionist team shall they have any inquiries in choosing health supplements. So that that everyone can always find what they need and what is suitable for them.

Michael Yeung
Author: Michael Yeung

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