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Please note: Gogo Herbs products only ship within Hong Kong

How to become a VIP member?

After successfully placing an order for the first time on the official website, you can automatically become a VIP member to earn points and enjoy exclusive cash discounts and birthday offers. Every time the customer places an order, they will receive a confirmation email of the order points

Successfully placed an order

Automatically become a VIP

Cash Discount

birthday offer

How do VIP members earn points?

  • Every time you spend $50 on the website, you can earn 1 point, and you can enjoy double points on your birthday month 
  • After successfully placing an order on the website, you can write a product review. For each successful submission of a review, you can earn 10 points. More reviews and more rewards
  • After recommending relatives and friends to use the exclusive URL to successfully place an order, you can earn 20 points (equivalent to $20 cash discount), which can be used in the next shopping

Every consumption $50
earn 1 point

submit 1 comment
earn 10 points

Recommend an exclusive URL to place an order
earn 20 points

How are points used?

  • 1 point = $1 cash discount, which can be used in the next purchase 
  • There is no upper limit for earning points and no expiration date for use, and guests can choose when to use points 
  • The points used each time cannot be more than 50% of the whole bill. If the consumption exceeds $400, the maximum discount can only be 200 points, that is, the discount of $200 is superior
  • Points cannot be used in conjunction with discount codes

1 point = $1 cash discount
Next consumption use

Points have no upper limit and no expiration date
Use points at your own choice

Use points no more than
Full order of 50%

Points cannot be combined with
Coupon code can be used at the same time

*The membership and points programs on the website and stores are not interoperable, please note
*In case of any dispute, Gogo Herbs (Take Care HK Limited) reserves the right of final decision
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