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  • Weibojian osteo-joint-ease-inflamease glucosamine glucosamine chondroitin msm




要補充軟骨素,除了攝入含有軟骨素的食物之外,更迅速有效的做法就是攝入軟骨素與Glucosamine補充劑,Gogo Herbs推薦維柏健、Kirkland Signature等品牌的產品,功效更明顯。維柏健 – 氨基葡萄糖胺 & 軟骨素 & MSM,Packed with glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin, this formula can perform lubricating functions for the joints and keep them flexible. Without any artificial flavor or preservatives, this formula can also relieve painful symptoms aroused by arthritis and prevent the deterioration of our cartilage tissues. 維柏健 – 健骨至尊葡萄糖胺軟骨素膠囊 (500/400毫克) [特強配方], 配方富含葡萄糖胺和軟骨素,更特別加入了維他命D3,能緩解關節炎的痛症,又提供到足夠的養份助長軟骨組織自行增生。此易吞嚥配方能減低營養素對腸胃帶來的刺激,人人都可以無負擔地為關節健康打打氣!Gogo Herbs精選軟骨素保健產品,提供全港送貨服務,在線下單,方便快捷,此外還有同類型的MSM保健品andGlucosamine supplements,歡迎咨詢客服WhatsApp +852 5483 0695。


Osteoarthritis is a common disease that occurs in the joints, and it is also one of the main reasons for the inconvenience of mobility in the elderly. When the cartilage in the joints gradually decreases, the bones will repair this loss, therefore the growth of bones may worsen the condition and affect the use of the joints. Chondroitin is one of the matters in articular cartilage. It can help the cartilage absorbs water and nutrients, thereby strengthening the cartilage and its elasticity, helping lubricate the joints, and decreasing the abrasion of joints. Chondroitin exists in our cartilage, blood vessels, bones, skins, ligament, and tendons, and it is the nutrient that helps keep our cells moist. Not only can it prevent the loss of cartilage, but it can also help repair lost cartilage to strengthen our joints. Moreover, chondroitin is also a nutrient that boosts metabolism, maintaining the elasticity of our skin and corneal lens.

Chondroitin will be lost due to aging, injury, or disease, making the cartilage becomes dry, thin, and fragile for the lack of malnutrition. Food sources for chondroitin include eel, yam, natto, and shark fin. Though they are not sources that are difficult to digest, they are also not food that we can consume every day easily. Therefore, getting aid from health supplements might be the most convenient way to attain an adequate amount of chondroitin for the protection of your precious cartilage and joints!

In addition to consuming chondroitin-containing foods, the more effective way to replenish Chondroitin is to take chondroitin and glucosamine supplements. Gogo Herbs recommends supplements from named brands like Webber Naturals, Kirkland Signature, which are more effective with few side effects. Combining glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin, Webber Naturals – Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM is able to perform lubricating functions for the joints and keep them flexible. Without any artificial flavor or preservatives, this formula can also relieve painful symptoms aroused by arthritis and prevent the deterioration of our cartilage tissues. Webber Naturals – Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate, Extra-strength, with the addition of Vitamin D along with chondroitin and glucosamine, could help soothe joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. As an easy-swallow supplement, it goes smoothly to your stomach yet, at the same time, provides sufficient nutrients to boost the growth of cartilage tissues. Gogo Herbs selects chondroitin health products with online ordering and Hong Kong delivery, providing convenient and fast service. In addition, there are many MSM health products and glucosamine supplements of the same type too. You are welcome to consult customer service on WhatsApp +852 5483 0695.