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The oil of the fishes in the deep-sea has great benefits to health. Fish oil and krill oil are important food sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is rich in omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids, which a lot of Hong Kong citizens doesn’t intake from their daily meals. And omega-3 fatty acids (EPA&DHA) cannot be synthesized by the human body, so they need to be supplemented from food. The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are to strengthen eye function, nourish the skin and fight inflammation, which is important for health. Omega-9 fatty acids can reduce the risk of CAHD and CVE. EPA can lower cholesterol in the blood, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood lipids. What's more, EPA can dredge the human cardiovascular system, and maintain heart health. And DHA can protect nerve tissue, and maintain the fine operation of brain cells, improves memory, and cognitive ability. Webber naturals omega 3 fish oil pills, and Swisse fish oil are recommended for their outstanding effects. These high-quality fish oil supplements are pharmaceutical grade, and they are safer and more effective for you to intake these fatty acids. What’s more, they have no fishy aftertaste, and there’s no unpleasant taste when taking these fish oil supplements.