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Are you wearing a mask against pneumonia today

You may be worried about the current outbreak of the new pneumonia virus. Although there is little conclusive information about the virus, medical and public health experts reiterate that we must remain vigilant and take key steps to protect ourselves from potential infections, such as taking measures recommended by professionals and medical experts and using disposable masks .
Below we will answer some questions to help you understand this epidemic...

How much do you know about disinfecting alcohol

How much do you know about disinfecting alcohol

Experts point out that in order to kill most viruses, disinfectant alcohol/alcoholic handrub needs at least 60% alcohol content (most of the market contains 60-95%). Coronavirus is an enveloped virus with a protective film on the surface, and alcohol can destroy it, so it effectively kills the coronavirus...

Organic Echinacea Herbal Enhanced Edition

Zengmei God your family health guardian

Modern people generally go out to eat. The high salt, high sugar, and high fat in their usual diet will burden the body. Imbalanced nutrition will also increase chronic fatigue and make modern people accustomed to supplementing their body needs with health foods. However, in the face of numerous health foods, are you really eating right? ...

Gogoherbs anti-epidemic items

Great sale of anti-epidemic items! You buy Qi Wei!

Masks, disinfectant alcohol, vitamins... Have you bought all the items on the anti-epidemic list?
Anti-epidemic not only refers to avoiding contact with pathogens and preventing viruses from entering the body, but more importantly, strengthening the body's immunity. From today on, we will make full preparations and say goodbye to pneumonia!

Star brand

Zengmei Shen TM is the No. 1 brand in Canada and one of the world's three largest nutraceutical companies. Fitness students have laboratories on five continents around the world to research different groups of people to develop more suitable health products. The raw materials of Zengmeishen products come from the best pollution-free areas in the world, and are collected from the world's natural resources: from tropical rainforests, deserts, wetlands, plateaus, virgin forests, deep seas, polar regions, and glaciers, to ensure that the raw material 100% is pure and natural. There is no industrial pollution 300 kilometers around the production plant, ensuring high quality and high efficiency products. Global pharmaceutical giants Roche, Bayer, world-renowned companies Avon, Watsons and many other products have entrusted the development, processing and production of fitness companies.

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