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Face Mask

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Face Mask

        The epidemic continues to be unstable. In order to protect yourself and those around you, in addition to frequent hand washing, frequent disinfection of belongings, and personal hygiene, wearing masks that effectively block the spread of flying and bacteria are also very important epidemic prevention measures. Family doctors also pointed out that after the severe epidemic made everyone face masks, the number of patients who went to see a doctor due to the general seasonal flu dropped significantly. Masks have gradually become daily necessities, and the variety of mask styles that can be found in the market has also become diversified. It is inevitable that it is dazzling and not knowing where to start. Gogo Herbs collected medical surgical masks and surgical masks from Medihälsa, SwedenJapan Fast Mask, All masks sold by Gogo Herbs meet the standards of BFE> 99%, PFE> 99%. If you need to order masks, we will arrange shipments within 3-5 working days. Due to hygiene issues, there is no refund or exchange for surgical masks.

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