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        Knee Osteoarthritis and Adhesive Capsulitis are two of the most common degenerative joint diseases in Hong Kong. Yet, degenerative has not made it, an elderly-only issue, but gradually getting more popular and is affecting even the younger generation. According to a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Chinese University, 60 percent of interviewees reported that they were bothered by painful joints, among them, 40 percent of interviewees fall between the age group of 30-39 years old. Cartilage, the rubbery tissue that cushions joints and bones, will begin to drop as one gets older. Apart from aging, improper seating gestures, continuous walking, and exercising will also accelerate the speed of joint breakdown. We know that glucosamine is essential to sustain the strength and elasticity of the cartilage. Yet, it is hard to consume glucosamine through diet as they are only commonly found on shells. However, Gogo Herbs has a selection of glucosamine supplements as your aid. So you could always move freely at ease and keep your joints in top condition. Shall you have any enquiries, please contact our professional health consulting team through Whatsapp at +852 5483 0695.

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