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Michael Yeung

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Nowadays, consumers consume dietary supplements for various reasons, such as supplementing poor diets to improve or maintain their health. The elderly consume supplements to support their organ functions, such as calcium supplementation to enhance bone health or fish oil supplementation for heart health. Young people are more inclined to obtain short-term benefits, such as supplementing energy or enhancing immunity. However, because there are too many brands of such products on the market, it is difficult for buyers to make an informed decision. This article explains several pre-purchase steps to help you make the best choice before purchasing supplements.

What You Should Know About Antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that help fight free radicals in the body. Antioxidant ingredients can be found in the food we eat. Free radicals are compounds produced during metabolism. Once the number of free radicals is too high, it will cause "oxidative stress" reactions and cause cell damage. The antioxidant molecules help counteract oxidative stress in the body.

L'il Critters Multivitamins: 5 Advantages of Vitamin Gummies for Kids and Why

Vitamin jelly is a candy-like food that can attract children to supplement vitamins. This gummies stimulate the flow of saliva in the mouth and is very suitable for children who have difficulty swallowing. In addition, vitamin jelly has high bioavailability. Taking jelly can help children avoid the first pass effect, because the vitamin will dissolve into the blood within a second, resulting in better health effects. As a reliable way of supplementing vitamins, this vitamin gum has many benefits.

How To Lose Weight Fast And Stay Healthy

Weight loss has become a thorny issue among adults, especially adult women. Obesity affects our quality of life and may cause psychological problems such as depression or low self-esteem. On the other hand, a normal weight can reduce the risk of weight-related diseases. Fattening may be caused by excessive calorie intake, lack of exercise, or the effects of drugs. This article introduces several tips for fast and healthy weight loss.

Alopecia: How Can I Manage Hair Loss And Ageing

As the years grow older, many external and internal factors can cause hair loss and aging. There are many reasons for hair loss, such as genetic factors, ultraviolet radiation, nutritional deficiencies and so on. This article briefly describes several hair care and maintenance methods and methods to solve hair loss.


Spring is approaching, and winter is coming to an end. Weather changes can have a significant impact on our emotions, behavior, diet, mobility and many other aspects, which is why our health needs in spring are completely different from those in winter. These good tips will allow you to maintain a good lifestyle and spend the spring happily with a healthy body.

Ways to Relieve Stress

According to a survey report conducted by an international insurance company, the severity of stress in Hong Kong ranks fifth among the 23 countries and regions interviewed, with 92%. Hong Kong people interviewed said that they are affected by stress, of which 17% The interviewee admitted that he did not know how to reduce stress or relieve stress. Long-term stress will not only reduce the immune system and make us more susceptible to illness, but also cause insomnia, depression and other heart diseases. After recognizing and accepting that you are under pressure, the next step is of course to learn to fight back and learn different ways to reduce stress and relieve stress!

5 Vitamins to Take In Winter

People are most likely to get sick or catch the flu in winter. The sharp drop in temperature in winter causes our immune system to overload, so it is best to supplement with vitamins that can enhance immunity and anti-inflammatory. Supplementing more vitamins in our daily regimen will help us maintain good health throughout the winter. This article recommends several vitamins that can be properly supplemented in winter. In addition, it also provides some health tips, hoping to keep you healthy this winter.

Healthy Snacks: 4 Super Benefits of Eating Super Foods

In most cases, super foods occur as both low-calorie snacks and high protein snacks. Taking these healthy snacks satisfies our sense of hunger or sensorial pleasure and provides us with nutrients that help improve health or prevent certain diseases.

Does Swisse Collagen Tablets Really Work?

Ageing is a physiological phenomenon, but take measures to help you remain looking youthful . Taking natural health supplements is safe and easy for everyone to maintain attractive appearance. Swisse products are one of the most uniquely-formulated natural health supplements on the market. Today, almost every customer knows Swisse is an Australian brand which mixes herbs and traditional ingredients into a potent natural medicine. Since many beauty-conscious ladies are constantly in demand for high-end anti-ageing products, Swisse has responded with its potent Swisse collagen glow tablets to boost natural beauty.