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Brain Health

8 HEALTH BENEFITS OF RESVERATROL (with research evidence)

8 HEALTH BENEFITS OF RESVERATROL (with research evidence)

Resveratrol is a compound found in the skin of red grapes and other fruits and vegetables. It is a polyphenolic compound that plants produce in response to injury or when confronted with fungal infection. It is beneficial not only to plants but also to the human body. In recent years, resveratrol has received great attention for its potential health benefits. It is an antioxidant and can help protect cells from damage. Resveratrol can also help to reduce inflammation. Additionally, resveratrol may help to prevent blood clotting and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Resveratrol supplements are available, but it is also possible to get resveratrol from foods.

10 Top Brain Foods to Boost Your Memory

10 Top Brain Foods to Boost Your Memory

Like any other organ, the brain needs proper care and nutrition to function at its best. For this reason, we must identify different brain foods and add them to our daily diet. Studies suggest that eating adequate brain food is also vital for the elderly. As we age, many natural changes occur to the body, including the brain. Therefore, it's advisable for adults to keep their brains healthy and active by eating enough brain foods. Secondly, a healthy diet helps keep your child's brain healthy and sharp. Studies show that breastfed babies are likely to grow up smarter than those who are not. A similar result was also discovered in children who eat foods rich in fatty acids. 

Vitamin K

Vitamin K: Food Sources, Benefits and Dosage

Most people are unaware of the importance of vitamin K for health. It works with various proteins, vitamins and minerals in our body to ensure our good health. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that exists in two forms, vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. There is strong evidence that vitamin K promotes bone health and blood clotting, and these studies also show that vitamin K protects against high blood pressure and liver cancer, as well as improves memory in older adults. Vitamins K1 and K2 are found in different foods.

Vitamin F

Vitamin F: History, Food Sources, Benefits and Dosage

Many people think that vitamin F is a type of vitamin, but this idea is wrong. Vitamin F is not like other vitamins you know, it is made up of two fatty acids, Omega-6 and Omega-3, both of which provide many health benefits to the body. Vitamin F can improve heart health, reduce the risk of diabetes and regulate blood sugar levels. In addition to this, vitamin F is great for your skin, keeping it radiant by moisturizing it and preventing dermatitis. Because of this benefit of vitamin F, many brands also add it as an ingredient to their skin care products. However, our body cannot produce vitamin F on its own, it must be obtained from our daily diet. Some foods rich in vitamin F include fish oil, almonds and walnuts.

Common diseases and health products for the elderly

Common Health Issues of Elderly and Guide to Senior Wellness

The rapid development of medical science promotes longevity. Yet, aging is still an unavoidable issue. As we age, our body might not be functioning in the same way as it used to. Hong Kong is a well-known longevity city. To raise the quality of life of one’s elderly life, why not learn more about the common health issues of the elderly and ways to promote senior wellness!

Top Supplements that Support Brain Health

Top Supplements that Support Brain Health