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The Difference Between Health Supplement and Medical Products

The Difference Between Health Supplement and Medical Products

Wellbeing has been the hottest topic for city dwellers in the past few years. More and more of us have enrolled in yoga classes, boxing classes, and all kinds of fitness classes. More and more of us are trying out new dietary habits to attain ideal health conditions. The fact that many of us are taking health supplements is hard to miss. The most frequent question raised by people new to health supplements is how different a health supplement and a medical product are? We will be looking into this question today!

Healthy Fruit-Cranberry|Kakadu Plum|Acai|Celery Seed|Pomegranate Seed

Cranberry|Kakadu Plum|Acai berry|Celery seed|Pomegranate seeds-5 Highly Nutritious Fruits with Medical Benefits 

The nutritional value and medical benefits contained in the fruits, herbs or herbal roots we consume daily are part of nature's gifts to us. Nowadays, some supplement companies also take active ingredients from plant-based raw materials as important ingredients in their products. Whether it is freshly eaten, squeezed out of juice or as a food supplement, high-nutrient fruits can bring countless benefits to your health. They can also be made into healthy snacks, providing a viable option for those who want to lose weight.

The positive effects of coenzyme Q10 on human health

Health Benefits of Coenzyme Q10

Unlike vitamins, chondroitin, probiotics, or fish oil, coenzyme Q10 might not be a well-known name, yet its nutritional value is nothing less than other famous nutrition! Most of our organs rely on coenzyme Q10 to function well! Curious about what is coenzyme Q10? How can our body benefit from coenzyme Q10? And most important, how can we obtain coenzyme Q10?

Recommended nutritional diet and health supplements for young children

Health Supplement and Food Recommendations for Infancy Aged 1-4 Years Old

0-6 years old is a crucial stage for infancy and kids development, and some even point out that 1-4 years old is the most important stage for a child. At this stage, infancy will learn to stand, walk, eat independently, talk, and imitate. The intelligence, character, sensory perception of the child will also develop gradually at this stage. Apart from mental development, focusing more on nutrition intake could also guarantee a healthier physique when toddlers grow up! So your child can fearlessly discover all the possibilities from infinity to beyond.

Common diseases and health products for the elderly

Common Health Issues of Elderly and Guide to Senior Wellness

The rapid development of medical science promotes longevity. Yet, aging is still an unavoidable issue. As we age, our body might not be functioning in the same way as it used to. Hong Kong is a well-known longevity city. To raise the quality of life of one’s elderly life, why not learn more about the common health issues of the elderly and ways to promote senior wellness!

Dietary Supplements to Take to Help Ward off COVID-19

Dietary Supplements to Take to Help Ward off COVID-19

Since the beginning of the epidemic, our living habits have changed, and our hygiene standards have also improved. However, as the world slowly reopens to the outside world, for the safety of ourselves and other susceptible people, we also need to maintain our own immune system. Bring it to the standard state, which is not only important to prevent the virus, but also to ensure the health of oneself and others. Nutritional supplements help improve immunity and resist virus invasion.