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How to take care of the dog's soft and healthy hair?

The dog's coat color and coat are its first impression, and the smooth and shiny coat attracts people to explore and interact. Dogs with healthy hair tend to give people the feeling of being docile, well-behaved and clean, and they are more popular with children. Who doesn't want a dog owner to have good-touch hair and to run nimbly and windily. Below, GGH shares some tips on how to maintain dog hair, so that the dog has a beautiful appearance and a happy mood.

Beauty treatments for different hair textures

- Medium and long-haired and long-haired dogs

Represented by German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mountains and Samoyeds, their coats are composed of upper medium-long hair+ and inner dense undercoat. This kind of hair will not continue to grow after a certain length, but when the weather is hot, the inner layer of fluff will fall off and dissipate heat. Especially in summer, dog owners need to comb the inner layer of floating hair to prevent their dogs from licking.

- long haired dog

Class representatives of long-haired dogs are ancient shepherd dogs, cocker spaniels and Maltese dogs. Their long, flowing hair always exudes elegance. The hair of long-haired dogs is easy to knot. After knotting, it needs to be untied in time to avoid getting more tangled and even affect the dog's activities. Knots that cannot be untied should be cut with scissors. To care for long-haired dogs, you should comb frequently. When combing, you can spray the hair with coconut oil or a mixture of fish oil and water before combing, which can reduce pulling and static electricity, and increase the gloss of the hair.

-soft-haired dog breeds

Afghan hounds and Yorkshires have soft long hair, which is thin, brittle, and easy to curl, and will continue to grow. If not properly cared for, the dog tends to look messy, like a head that has not woken up. The coat of these dogs requires regular grooming trims to remove split ends and maintain contours. Hairs that block the view are taken care of when trimming. The hair on the mouth, back and tail is combed in different directions and trimmed to create layers. Some pet owners also wear braids and multiple pigtails for their pet dogs, which look cute and cute, and can also reduce hair tangles.

- inch hair dog

The top coat is short and hard, as in West Highland Terriers, Schnauzers and Dachshunds, which require careful hand plucking to maintain texture and color. Considering the cost of grooming, some owners trim their dogs' hair with razors at home.

- "Afro" dog

Poodles and Teddy dogs are born with thin curly hair, fluffy and soft hair. Sufficient protein nutrition is the key to its amazing hair volume, and at the same time, with regular trimming, it maintains a round and lovely doll outline.

Nutrients for maintaining dog hair

The condition of a dog's coat has a lot to do with its health and nutrition. The hair of a healthy dog is shiny and moist, and the necessary nutrients supplemented can protect the health of the pet and give it a beautiful coat.

PROTEIN: Protein is the key to thick hair and strong hair root. Sufficient protein can have good immunity, and it is not easy to be infected by pests, germs, and bacteria. It has a solid skin barrier and more vigorous hair growth.

Lecithin: Lecithin promotes hair growth, strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair loss. You can feed avocado and cooked duck egg yolk daily.

Multivitamin and Mineral: Increase the vitality of the dog, support organ operation and blood circulation, make the dog energetic, cheerful, and exercise enough to accelerate metabolism. Containing vitamins and minerals can also balance the oil secretion of the skin.

Cod liver oil: Protect dog's heart health, reduce allergic symptoms, reduce skin itching, scaling and dandruff, reduce hair loss, make hair soft and shiny, it is an edible natural hair conditioner.

Probiotics and Vegetable Fiber: Balance the intestinal environment, increase intestinal peristalsis, promote dog digestion, reduce the impact of harmful bacteria, and help improve dog bad breath and body odor on the hair.

Gogo Herbs Product Recommendations

The Gogo Herbs pet team is committed to researching health care solutions that can improve the physical and mental health of cats and dogs. We select a variety of health care products that meet the health needs of dogs,like Skin and Hair Formulas for Dogs , developed by Chinese veterinarians and endorsed by Wai Yuen Tong Chinese Medicine, the raw materials are 100% natural ingredients and precious Chinese medicines, rich in Cordyceps fungus powder Cs-4, lecithin, Omega-3 (EPA and DHA), vitamins (B7 and B12 ), can protect the dog's brain and eye health, reduce seasonal respiratory problems, improve immunity, increase the luster and smoothness of the hair and reduce tear stains. If you encounter any problems in the shopping mall, please contact us via WhatsApp +852 5483 0695. The products selected by Gogo Herbs have been carefully researched and selected by the veterinary team to provide safe and effective pet health care products. Please rest assured to buy.

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