* [March 5th Update] During the epidemic, free SF shipping or self pick-up on orders over $300. With purchase of over 100 packs of COVID-19 rapid test kits, we deliver with GoGoHerbs vans and continue to serve the public and business corporate.
Please note: Gogo Herbs products only ship within Hong Kong
1. Due to the shortage of manpower due to the epidemic, all Mong Kok subway station settlements have been changed to downstairs settlements of the company
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GogoHerbs x Amphib.io - COVID-19 Self-Testing Kits in Vending Machines

The fifth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong shows no signs of easing, and the health care products store Gogo ...

Should middle-aged and elderly people eat health products?

*Deep sea fish oil, regulate blood lipids, lower serum cholesterol, prevent cerebral hemorrhage and...

What health products should men with hair loss eat?

*Protein, the protein found in hair cells is called keratin, keratin...

Can teenagers eat to improve memory?

Teenagers are in their schooling period, and their brains are constantly receiving new things, so they need to supplement...

What health products should women eat?

Need to nourish the ovaries, delay aging, regulate endocrine and other effects. Collagen...

What can improve hypoxia in the elderly?

* Proanthocyanidins, lack of oxygen in the elderly, may cause mental and physical problems...

How to improve vision?

To improve eyesight, you must mention β-carotene, lutein and corn...

How to prevent cardiovascular disease?

Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10, is a kind of...