Health Benefits of Zinc Food Sources and Supplement Recommendations

Function of zinc, the food sources and supplements recommendation

Zinc is a white metal with light blue gloss, soluble in alkali, acetic acid and inorganic acid, whilst insoluble in water, highly resistant to air corrosion . Zinc accounts for about 0.003% of the human body weight, in other words there is about 2 grams of zinc in an adults. 90% of zinc exists in the bones and muscles, and the remaining 10% plays an important role in the blood. Zinc is an indispensable mineral for human body, which is very important for both function of immune system and metabolism. In developing countries, about 2 billion people suffer from zinc deficiency, resulting in growth delay of children, weak immunity, diarrhea, amenorrhea, sexual dysfunction, narcolepsy, loss of appetite, decline in IQ and other problems.