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        Established in 1991, Centrum has been a household brand name for health supplements. Centrum’s product could be found in more than 80 countries and is loved by families all around the world for its outstanding healthcare products. The brand even ranked number one in various health supplement markets all around the globe, including the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and Korea. Centrum designed its multivitamin products according to specific health concerns of different gender of different age groups. For example, adding extra micronutrients to help maintain healthy hair and skin for ladies, components to strengthen muscle and cardiovascular health for men, and also unique formulas to support bone and brain health for the elderly. According to a survey conducted by Hong Kong University, up to 97% of surveyed Hong Kong people reported that they had experienced symptoms of being in the third state of health. Among all possible symptoms, the most common one is having tired eyes, sore back, and feeling the lack of energy all the time. And, it is essential to feed your cells with sufficient vitamins to fight these symptoms! The collection of Centrum’s health supplement with Gogo Herbs would help you tackle health concerns at any stage of life, aiding you and your family in gaining back the autonomy of health!