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How to improve immunity?

According to reports, the human body’s immunity mostly depends on genetic inheritance, but many nutrients such as vitamins and minerals also play a very important role, such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, and some minerals such as zinc and manganese. . In addition to its antioxidant effect, it can also reduce the production of free radicals and improve the body's immunity.

*Vitamin A helps to protect the integrity of the respiratory tract mucosa, maintain the function and the responsiveness to foreign bodies, play an important role in preventing virus invasion and infection, and is of great benefit to the prevention of respiratory diseases.

In addition, there is a plant that can improve human immunity.

* Echinacea can increase the immune system more directly and quickly. Echinacea can quickly stimulate the immune system immediately after taking it, so that the body's ability to fight pathogens can be improved in the shortest time.

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