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Ways to boost immunity

Hong Kong COVID: 4 Ways You Can Boost Your Immunity during the Pandemic

We can learn from the recent Hong Kong outbreak and make all preparations for the fight against it, including getting vaccinated, following all safety precautions, and most importantly, boosting immunity. This article focuses on how we can protect ourselves and increase our immunity to foreign viruses and their symptoms.

L'il Critters Comprehensive Vitamin Jelly

L'il Critters Multivitamins: 5 Advantages of Vitamin Gummies for Kids and Why

Vitamin jelly is a candy-like food that can attract children to supplement vitamins. This gummies stimulate the flow of saliva in the mouth and is very suitable for children who have difficulty swallowing. In addition, vitamin jelly has high bioavailability. Taking jelly can help children avoid the first pass effect, because the vitamin will dissolve into the blood within a second, resulting in better health effects. As a reliable way of supplementing vitamins, this vitamin gum has many benefits.

5 anti-aging vitamins

5 Anti-Aging Vitamins to Stay Younger

Vitamins A, C, and E are very essential in combating the symptoms of aging. The same applies to other nutrients like such as beta-carotene, lutein , lycopene, and selenium. Unfortunately, our body cannot manufacture these antioxidant nutrients. We have to obtain them from plant foods such as fruits and vegetables. The size, portion, and kind of fruits and vegetables you eat determine the amount and type of antioxidants you enjoy.

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