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Should middle-aged and elderly people eat health products?

*Deep sea fish oil helps reduce fat accumulation, prevent cardiovascular problems and temporarily relieve joint pain.

*Lecithin, natural lecithin is an excellent emulsifier. Known as "scavenger of blood vessels", it can discharge the garbage in blood vessels and increase the elasticity of blood vessels. Natural lecithin is suitable for people who are concerned about various cardiovascular problems and can strengthen the brain Nervous system health, enhance memory. Delay the aging of brain cells.

*Vitamin C promotes calcium absorption. For the elderly with insufficient bone density, taking vitamin C can promote calcium absorption and effectively enhance immunity.

*Liquid calcium, enhance the immunity of middle-aged and elderly people, effectively reduce bone loss caused by aging

*Vegetarian dietary fiber prevents constipation in middle-aged and elderly people. Dietary fiber has strong water holding capacity, and its water absorption rate is as high as 10 times. After it absorbs water, the volume of intestinal contents will increase, and the stool will become loose and soft, and it will be smoother and less labor-saving when passing through the intestinal tract. At the same time, dietary fiber, as a foreign body in the intestine, can stimulate the contraction and peristalsis of the intestine, accelerate the excretion of stool, and play a laxative effect.

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