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G-NiiB – Immunity+ 28 packs

(38 customer reviews)

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– Produced by the scientific research achievements of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
– Italian patented antibacterial technology improves the survival rate of beneficial bacteria
– Balance intestinal microecology and enhance immunity
– 3+3 natural live probiotics and prebiotic golden ratio formula

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G-NiiB – Immunity+ 28 packs
G-NiiB – Immunity+ 28 sachets

G-NiiB Immune + Probiotics is authorized by the exclusive patent of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It uses big data to select the ideal natural live probiotics. It adopts the Italian patented bacteria-locking technology to make a unique micro-ecological immunity formula, which can withstand heat, oxygen and gastric acid. . Clinical evidence can help balance the intestinal microecology and enhance immunity, and clinical testing of its efficacy and safety has been carried out in local patients with new virus. The product's 3+3 natural live probiotics and prebiotic golden ratio formula is specially designed for Asians, rich in Bifidobacterium adolescent and Bifidobacterium longum, and 3 precise prebiotic combinations provide the most suitable nutrition for Bifidobacteria , Promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Product active ingredients:
Galacto-oligosaccharides, xylo-oligosaccharides, resistant dextrin, comprehensive probiotics (3 types of bifidobacteria, each containing 2 billion colonies)

Recommended method of use:
1 sachet per day, can be eaten directly or added to food below 45°C or 100-200ml of non-alcoholic carbonated drinks, the effect is better when taken with meals

– Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight
– The product contains trace amounts of dairy products, and those who are lactose intolerant or those under 2 years old, please consult your doctor first

Consume before:
June 2025

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 13 cm

38 reviews for G-NiiB – 免疫+ 28包

    Wanda Wong
    Good quality and fast delivery. Well packaged, with great benefit. Helps digestion, easy absorption and good for constipation. Well recommended!
    Ling Ng
    Fast delivery, repurchased many times
    grace yuen
    Though this is not the pro version, i used this as a substitute in between so as to space out. Acutally cannot tell much the difference but the good thing is that get sick less
    Nga Wai Lie
    The customer service is good, the goods arrive quickly, and the price is cheaper than outside chain stores. It is worth buying. Will repurchase when finished.
    John Ng
    Third time buying from GoGo Herbs. Good price and fast delivery. Highly recommended.
    The price is better than other stores, and I have repurchased it for the second time after buying it once. My children like the taste very much, it is sweet.
    Tze Ho
    Best price and timely delivery
    John Ng
    This is the second time I bought from GoGo Herbs. Same excellent service and fast delivery. Definitely will buy again from them.
    John Ng
    Good price and fast delivery. Will buy again from GoGo Herbs.
    Kwei ha Ng
    Fast shipping, relatively good price, and delivery included. Will buy again
    Tony Man
    This is my third purchase this time. The bidding was quick and the price was fair. Thank you!
    The shipment is very fast. After taking it for a month, I feel that my bowel movements are regular and smooth for the time being. I will continue to take it to observe the effect.
    The shipment is fast and the price is really less than 10,000 yuan; one pack a day is very helpful for intestinal health!
    Jay Lau
    The price is even better than the price, I hope it works.
    Ling Ng
    It's the first time I bought Xixi and it has improved
    aree cheung
    This is the second time I bought it, the delivery is fast and the price is good!
    Yan Wong
    Very effective, my chin acnes are all gone after taking it, and the delivery is super fast, will buy from them again!
    Tony Man
    The price is much better than other places, and the delivery is fast, and buying a box is already free shipping!
    Berry Hsu
    grace yuen
    I use this non pro version as well as the pro version so as well as this is more a normal maintenance version for my probiotics intake and this version is not as expensive but still good to use
    Cherry Lam
    This is the first time I bought wild at gogo herbs, the delivery is fast, the price is cheaper than the actual store, I will buy it again~!
    Wing Sze Mak
    Good product for the price
    Johnny SIU
    Very good pricing and quick delivery
    Tze Ho
    Unbeatable price with excellent delivery service. Highly recommended!
    YC Hui
    This is the first time to order GoGo Herbs, the delivery is fast, the price is reasonable, and I will buy again :)
    Teresa Hui
    Good price and fast delivery
    Gallant Leung
    Good Price & fast delivery......Highly Recommend!!! :D:D:D
    Connie Mak
    Good price, Good service 👍👍👍
    Roxanne Leung
    Buy it, the expiry date is enough, and there is no problem in storing it for more than a year. The price is cheaper than other brands.
    Tze Ho
    Best price and most efficient delivery
    There are a large variety of products on this website and I'm glad to find this HK local brand here, the price is good and it's convenient to order online and deliver to my home. It helped me with my gut health. Like it.
    Duncun Wong
    This kind of probiotics is most suitable for my physique. After eating it, the stool is formed and smooth.
    Nichole L
    A friend sent a box to try before, and the constipation has improved. The price is much cheaper than chain stores. Recommended!
    Doris Wong
    Best price
    Nancy Chiu
    I like spicy food, but I have cramps every day after eating, my stomach feels better after eating, and I can live without washing after eating spicy food. BTW it has a sweet taste, add fruit juice and stir to dissolve it.
    G-NiiB - Immune + 28 packs photo review
    Eczema reappeared in different seasons, and it didn't go away after applying ointment, which scarred me to death. A friend recommended G-NiiB – Immunity+, saying that improving immunity is useful for eczema. I saw the effect very quickly, the bowel movement time is regular, the constipation is improved, and the eczema is no longer dull. The introduction is written by the formula developed by the University of Hong Kong. You get what you pay for!
    G-NiiB - Immune + 28 packs photo review
    It's quite convenient to take, can add in to the drink or swallow directly.
    Great product for Hongkongers, let's try how it works. Very convenient packing and service.

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