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Swisse – Gold Revitalizing Tablets 60 Capsules

(23 customer reviews)

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– High-quality beauty formula containing alpha lipoic acid, cinnamon, rich vitamins and minerals
– Promote metabolism and reduce free radical damage to body cells
– Maintain healthy skin barrier function, tighten skin and enhance elasticity, improve skin tone brightness



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Swisse – Gold Revitalizing Tablets 60 Capsules
Swisse – Skin Regeneration+ 60 capsules

Swisse Gold Regenerating Peel is a high-quality beauty formula, containing alpha lipoic acid, cinnamon, rich vitamins and minerals, which can promote metabolism, reduce free radical damage to body cells, maintain healthy skin barrier function, and help tighten skin. Firms the skin and enhances its elasticity, while improving the luminosity of the complexion.

Each capsule contains:
Biotin——————————- 25 micrograms
Vitamin A ————————– 112.5 micrograms
Vitamin C —————————– 25 mg
Chromium———————————— 20 micrograms
Copper———————————— 375 micrograms
Zinc———————————— 7.5 mg
Alpha lipoic acid————————– 50 mg
Cinnamon extract————————- 100 mg

Other ingredients:
Phenylalanine, soybean, sulfite
(No added lactose, gluten, yeast, egg or artificial coloring)

Suggested taking method:
Take 2 capsules daily with meals, or as directed by your doctor

– If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, please do not take vitamin A supplements without consulting a doctor (when intake of more than 3000 micrograms of vitamin A, it may cause birth defects)
– The recommended daily intake of vitamin A is 700 micrograms for women and 900 micrograms for men. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet

Expiry Date :
June 2025

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 9 cm

23 reviews for Swisse – 金裝再生煥膚片 60粒

    Skin becomes beautiful
    Sau Ip
    Because I love sugar so much, I keep eating it, but my skin doesn’t turn yellow.
    Bernice Wong
    After taking it for two months, my skin is stable and my skin tone feels average and shiny.
    Sau Ip
    After taking it for three months, I feel that my skin is not so yellow anymore.
    Ying Huen Chan
    very good! Second time repurchasing!
    Avis Cheung
    I always have food to eat, my skin gets better, and the delivery is fast.
    After taking it for a month, the acne marks faded significantly faster. I will continue to take it to see if it improves my skin quality.
    Boey Chu
    There is always food available and I will continue to buy it
    Boey Chu
    I eat all the time, and my skin has fine pores and is no longer yellow after eating.
    Bella Yip
    Love this! Great service too.
    Cherry coko
    This is my first time helping you. I am very satisfied. I placed the order today and received it the next day. The delivery was super fast and the price is affordable. Good!
    Boey Chu
    After eating, my skin tone is no longer so yellow, and my pores are finer. Will keep food and accommodation
    Bella Yip
    Speedy delivery!
    Avis Cheung
    There's always food available, affordable prices, fast delivery
    Kelly Au
    Repurchase repurchase! There have been food openings all the time, and the results are not bad. The delivery speed is fast! Positive 👍🏻
    If there is a discount, buy it immediately, and the shelf life is long, conscientious merchants! Swiss Peeling Tablets can make the skin of the whole body bright, white and elastic. After staying up late, it can be replenished, and it can remove yellowness and dullness, and maintain a energetic complexion.
    Ruby Ho
    It seems to be whiter 😍
    Mandy Lau
    Very good and patient service, the staff are helpful, will definitely buy again.
    Ashley Hui
    After eating for a while and then reviewing it, I really feel that my skin is gradually getting better, and finally I don’t wash it off like a yellow face woman, and my complexion is better. It is a whitening product that immediately smoothes and smoothes the skin after taking it. Generally, adding hormones is not so safe.
    Swisse - Gold Regenerating Tablets 60 Capsules photo review
    My wife likes this product, her skin looks better after taking.
    Good price for good product and fast delivery. I had another skin and nail product, hope this one is working.
    Swisse - Gold Regenerating Tablets 60 Capsules photo review
    Queenie baby
    Finally found it! After the age of 25, you will start anti-aging maintenance, and quit milk tea! This is the most cost-effective anti-sugar pill I have ever used. After taking it, you can see that the acne scars have faded, the skin tone is even, and the makeup is not washed so hard to tune, and the skin will be white, smooth and shiny. Beauties around you Seeing the effect is so obvious, follow live food!

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