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Senlia-Children Breathe Comfortable Oral Solution 150ml

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– Relieve symptoms of upper respiratory discomfort
– Reduce phlegm, relieve sore throat, nasal congestion
– Suitable for cold, cold, cough, dry mouth, sore throat
– Contains propolis to comprehensively improve children's respiratory immunity

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Senlia-Children Breathe Comfortable Oral Solution 150ml
Soria Natural – BreatheKidz 150 ml

Senlia – Children's Breathing Comfort Oral Solution contains a variety of natural herbal liquid extracts, specially designed for children's respiratory and throat discomfort. It can effectively relieve respiratory and throat discomfort, relieve cold and cough symptoms such as phlegm, relieve sore throat, nasal congestion, etc. Comprehensively improve children's strong upper respiratory tract and tracheal resistance. The product has no dependence, no western medicine, no side effects, and the elderberry flavor is loved by children.

The main ingredients of the product:
Vitamin C, elderberry, thyme, eucalyptus, sundew, peppermint, propolis, marshmallow root extract

Suggested taking method:
(A graduated spoon is included with the product, shake well before use)
Children 0-1 years old: Please consult a doctor for dosage
Children 1-2 years old: 1/4 measuring spoon (2.5ml) 3 times a day
Children aged 3-6: 1/2 measuring spoon (5ml) 3 times a day
Children aged 7-12: 3 times a day, 1 measuring spoon (10ml) each time

Store in a cool dry place, refrigerate after opening and consume as soon as possible

Best before:
June 2024

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