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Men's health

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Men's health

        When burdened with heavy family pressure and work pressure, men’s health is easily overlooked, and men are more likely to be exposed to cigarettes and alcohol than women, causing greater burden on the body. Men’s potential health problems include hair loss, fertility, liver, kidney, and intestinal diseases, and in Hong Kong, almost all major causes of death (including cancer, heart disease, stroke), men’s mortality rates are higher than women’s .

        Hair loss, sleep and snoring, lack of energy, and sexual insufficiency are all signs of a man's decline in physical function. Gogo Herbs reminds that it is important to realize the importance of prevention as soon as possible. The men's health series on the Gogo Herbs platform is specially designed for urban men, with selections of men's health products from brands such as Weibojian and Jamieson. In addition, Shancun has a variety of health foods specially designed for 50-year-old men. If you want to care about your father's health, you can consult with Gogo Herbs health customer service through whatsapp and recommend suitable men's health products.