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[10% off for single item] aaXimed – Enhanced version of Qianliejian (German microencapsulated lycopene + zinc + selenium) 30 capsules

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— Contains three essential nutrients for men’s physical health; lycopene, zinc, selenium
— Protect the front, prevent hyperplasia, improve frequent, urgent, and dripping problems
— Anti-inflammatory symptoms, relieve swelling
— Reduce waking up at night and improve quality of life

1 × Jamieson – Zinc 50mg 100 Tablets

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aXimed – Enhanced Qianliejian (German Microencapsulated Lycopene + Zinc + Selenium) 30 Capsules
aXimed – LycoSelen Pro German (Micro-encapsulated Lycopene + Zinc + Selenium) 30 capsules

aXimed "Qianliejian" is specially developed by Norwegian ASML for adult men. The lycopene in German microencapsulation technology is extremely unstable and will easily lose its effectiveness when exposed to the air. The microencapsulated lycopene in LycoSelen Pro uses the most advanced technology to encapsulate each tiny lycopene particle so that its efficacy is best preserved before ingestion. It is the best comprehensive formula to improve prostate health. The product contains three antioxidant elements essential for good health - lycopene, zinc and selenium. Lycopene and selenium effectively protect prostate cells from free radical damage, thereby maintaining prostate health. Normal prostate is rich in zinc, which helps support the overall health of the prostate. Zinc in this product also plays a role in increasing the absorption of lycopene. efficiency and support immune function; the formula uses the highest quality German microencapsulated lycopene, which is more active and efficient. The enhanced version of lycopene has increased by 100%, the amount of lycopene in 1 capsule = 38 tomatoes, and the antioxidant power is 100 times that of vitamin E. The product helps maintain prostate function and improve symptoms of frequent dripping, effectively protects prostate cells from free radical damage, relieves and prevents prostate hypertrophy, and is suitable for men who are concerned about prostate health.

The main ingredients of the product (each capsule contains):
German microencapsulated lycopene ——————————— 10mg
Zinc ————————————————————— 7 mg
Selenium ——————————————————— 50 micrograms

Suggested taking method:
Daily health care: take 1 capsule daily
Symptom relief: Take 1 capsule in the morning and evening

Please store in a cool place out of direct sunlight

Best before:
March 18, 2025

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

1 review for 【單件9折】aaXimed – 增強版前列健 (德國微囊蕃茄紅素+鋅+硒) 30粒

    Jasper NGO
    The date of production is fresh and the price of this plaform is fair enough. I will keep buying supplements here for sure!!!

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