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Jamieson – Zinc 25mg 100 tablets

(4 customer reviews)

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– Improve immune function
– Helps maintain skin health and wound healing
– Helps men’s health
– Micronutrients necessary for the growth of embryos and fetuses

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Jamieson – Zinc 25mg 100 tablets
Jamieson – Zinc 25mg 100 tablets

Zinc is the second most important micronutrient for metabolism in the human body after iron. It is a powerful immunomodulator, which can enhance the body’s immune function, and at the same time help the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins, promote wound healing, and supportskinhealthy. In addition, zinc is a micronutrient necessary for sperm production, embryo and fetal growth. In addition, this product does not contain starch, gluten, lactose, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The main ingredients of the product:
Each capsule contains:
Zinc element (gluconate)—————————— 25 mg

Other ingredients:
Cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, water-soluble cellulose and vegetable magnesium stearate

Suggested taking method:
Adults: Take one capsule a day, with meals and before or a few hours after taking other medicines

– Store between 15°C and 25°C
-Please store out of reach of children

Expiry Date :
January 2026

Weight 0.065 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 4 × 10.5 cm

4 reviews for Jamieson – 鋅 25毫克 100片

    Charis Yum
    Very helpful for minor cold symptoms such as a blocked nose/sore throat. Zinc is generally not stored in the body and hard to find in food. The only drawback is that Zinc needs to be taken an hour apart from other supplements
    Cheung Fai Yeung
    The price is reasonable ~ will buy again.
    Trusted brand. I have been using vitamins from this brand and hope that other products are good too. Fast next day delivery.
    Diarrhea came back and forth for two months in a row, Chinese and Western medicine couldn't stop it, and gastrointestinal examinations were done, but no problem could be found, and I became weaker and weaker. Later, the trace element test found zinc deficiency, and after using it for a month with the mentality of trying, the symptoms of diarrhea finally improved.

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