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[10% off for one item] aXimed – Muscle Comfort® Muscle and Joint Ointment 50ml

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— Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ointment for external use, no medicine smell, no allergies
— The patented active analgesic ingredient aXivite™ is registered in the European Union and certified by FDA/GRAS in the United States
— Effectively relieve joint pain, tendon and neuralgia
— Relieve the tension and swelling of the calf after standing for a long time
— Relieve muscle fatigue and soreness in shoulders, neck, back, waist, etc.
— Effectively eliminate muscle fatigue and tension after exercise
— Does not contain salicylic acid, an analgesic ingredient, is non-toxic, does not damage the liver and kidneys, and can be used for a long time

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1 × BLACKMORES - Celery Seed Extract 3000 50 Capsules

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aXimed – Muscle Comfort® Muscle and Joint Ointment 50ml
aXimed – PheniCare® Pain Relief Cream 50ml

AXIMED – Muscle Comfort is the first topical anti-inflammatory analgesic ointment containing aXivite™, a global patented ingredient of aXichem AB, registered with EFSA in the European Union and passed the advanced safety certification of FDA/GRAS by the National Drug Administration of the United States. Experiments have shown that aXivite™ can help block the transmission of pain nerves and has anti-inflammatory effects. Muscle comfort can effectively relieve various muscle soreness, muscle fatigue after exercise and joint pain caused by different factors. Muscle Comfort uses Nordic advanced cream as a base cream, which is mild in nature, high in penetration, fragrance-free, tasteless and non-allergenic, refreshing and non-irritating, and does not contain salicylic acid and diclofenac. It is non-medicinal, non-toxic and harmless, and does not hurt the liver and kidneys. Can be used for a long time, safe and reliable!

Main ingredients of the product:
aXivite™ (0.05% Phenyl Tang Xinzi)

Recommended method of use:
Suitable for people over 6 years old: Apply to the affected area, massage gently until fully penetrated, 2 to 4 times a day

– Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight
– Store away from children
– In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse with clean water. Do not use on broken skin

Best before:
May 30, 2025

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

1 review for 【單件9折】aXimed – 肌舒適® 肌肉關節軟膏 50毫升

    Cynthia Lau
    My mother found it useful, especially in her arms. She said the pain was reduced! Let her use it for a while before commenting!

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