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A regular diet that benefits your dog for life

Food is the most important thing for a dog's health. What to eat and how to feed it are not only related to the health of the furry child, but also determine the long-term quality of life of the furry child. Below, the editor of GGH will share with you some scientific feeding foods and methods, so as to cultivate the dog's regular eating habits early and make full preparations for the dog's healthy life.

Dog staple food, dog food or homemade dog meal is better?

In our impression, the conditions were limited in the old days, and dogs fed with leftovers seemed to be able to grow up well. We may think that homemade dog rice is nutritious and fresh, can be matched with various delicious ingredients, and the dishes are rich, so it should be a more ideal staple food. Researching your dog's staple food requires understanding the nutrients it needs, including water, protein, vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, fat, and collagen. Each nutrient needs to have a reasonable ratio to maintain the dog's body and organs. Long-term insufficient or excessive intake of nutrients may cause damage to the dog's organs. Dogs living in the wild hunt animals at random. They can not only eat the complete parts of animals, but also eat various plants in nature, so the nutrition they get is relatively comprehensive; in the old days, housekeeping dogs generally had a short life span, even if they were sick. There is no modern medical treatment and judgment. Parents who choose to feed raw flesh and blood must consider the ratio of nutrients and choose food suitable for dogs. Since homemade dog food requires comprehensive professional knowledge, choosing high-quality dog food is more suitable for most pet owners. Because the nutritional ratio in dog food is supported by experiments and animal data, some brands will continue to adjust the formula of dog food based on frequent feedback. Homemade dog food can be used as complementary food, such as air-dried duck neck, pumpkin egg custard, banana, kiwi fruit, blueberry, carrot, cauliflower, boneless salmon, etc. can supplement vitamins, help dogs expel toxins from the body, and enhance immunity. The earlier an adult dog is exposed to various types of food, the higher the acceptance level, which can expand the diet structure, and it is less likely to develop the habit of picky eaters.

Which is better, dry food or canned wet food?

Canned dry food and canned wet food are nutritionally balanced staple foods. When buying canned food, dog owners need to be careful not to choose the wrong canned snacks. Only canned staple food contains all the nutrients dogs need daily. Wet food can replenish water and has good palatability. Feed your dog with wet food, be sure to clean your teeth every day, otherwise it is easy to grow plaque and dental calculus. In addition, wet food should be eaten as soon as possible after opening to avoid exposure to the air to breed bacteria, and unfinished dog food should be refrigerated. Dry food on the market is mainly made by air-drying or puffing, which has low water content, so we must pay attention to water supplementation. Calculate the daily drinking water index according to the dog's weight, and stew chicken breast soup to increase water intake.

Timing and Quantitative Feeding Habits

Timing and quantitative feeding is currently recognized as a more scientific feeding method, that is, the dog's daily food is divided into two to three equal parts, and fed in different time periods. It can avoid the damage of the spleen and stomach caused by overeating at the buffet, and the bad habit of overeating leads to anorexia and obesity. In addition, feeding in batches can increase the sense of ritual. The dog looks forward to the owner coming home to feed it, and will like the owner more and more. Some automatic feeders on the market can release and feed dog food according to the set time, which can comfort the dog when the owner is not at home.

What should I do if the dog goes to the table to beg for food when the meal is open?

As soon as the meal is ready, some dogs will come to the dining table to beg for food, and if they fail to beg, they will pester, bark, lose their temper and make trouble. The owner felt sorry for the puppy and gave him food, and the dog got worse and went directly to the stage... Now some families reserve a place for the dog at the dining table, and the sense of boundaries is the secret of the dog's good performance. First of all, the dog's food biological clock should be adjusted to the time when humans eat, so that dogs can get used to eating at the same time as humans. In addition, it is strictly forbidden for the dog to grab food from the skin, use instructions to reprimand, isolate, and punish to stop it, and establish authority to train it to only eat the food given to him by people and the food in its own bowl. When eating at the same table as the dog, prepare boiled and tasteless vegetables and meat for it. This will not only prevent dogs from developing the annoying habit of begging for food from others, but also avoid eating onions, peppers and other dog poisons by mistake.

Is the dog picky eater the pot of snacks?

The first time a puppy eats a delicious treat, he will always look forward to it from you, and his desire for the main food will decrease, and he will only want to eat the treat. Especially for young dogs, if they have not developed the habit of eating staple food, do not feed pet snacks frequently. At the same time, snacks cannot be eaten as a staple food. For snacks, choose a rich variety, so it is not easy to develop dependence. Some puppies are used to being distracted when eating, and they go to play after eating. The owner can set a feeding time of 30 minutes. It's time to remove the dog food. If the dog is hungry more times, it will develop a conditioned reflex to eat well.

Gogo Herbs Product Recommendations

The Gogo Herbs pet team is committed to researching scientific pet care and health care solutions to improve the long-term health of cats and dogs. We have professional veterinarians and nutrition teams to carefully select high-quality health care products for dogs, such as dog skin and hair formulas, developed by Chinese veterinarians and endorsed by Wai Yuen Tong Chinese Medicine. The raw materials are 100% natural ingredients and precious Chinese medicines, rich in Cordyceps Bacteria powder Cs-4, lecithin, omega-3 (EPA and DHA), vitamins (B7 and B12), can protect the dog's brain and eye health, reduce seasonal respiratory problems, improve immunity, and increase hair growth Shine and smoothness. Parents of fur children are welcome to contact us via WhatsApp +852 5483 0695 to inquire about products and dog health. Our pet health products have been certified safe and effective by professional veterinarians, please rest assured to buy.

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