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Common Dog Skin Problems and General Care

Hong Kong is hot and humid in spring and summer, mosquitoes breed, and skin diseases frequently occur in dogs. If your dog scratches frequently, and the skin appears hair loss, redness, dandruff and rash, etc., it may be a skin disease. You need to prevent zoonotic skin problems. The following GGH will take you to understand the common skin problems and general care of dogs.

The causes of common skin problems in dogs fall into four main categories: parasitic infections, fungal infections, bacterial infections, and atopic dermatitis. (*High-energy reminder: The pictures of dog skin problems that appear below may cause discomfort, please pay attention)

parasitic infection

flea infestation
                           flea infestation                                                          mite infestation

After being bitten by ringworm, fleas, and mites, it will be very itchy. Dogs scratch frequently, and even bite themselves. The mood becomes agitated, and abnormal behaviors such as shaking the head and involuntary shaking may occur. In addition, there may be hair loss on the dog, and the scabs may be broken by scratching. Check the hair roots carefully. You can see small bumps, adults, redness, swelling and damage on the scratched skin. Some bugs are so small that they are difficult to find with the naked eye. They are usually judged by the skin and hair, combined with the color of the dog. White gums often mean parasites are feeding on your pet's blood. In addition to infecting the dog's skin, the mites will also parasitize the dog's ear canal, causing the ear to be oily and black excrement to accumulate in the ear. The dog scratches the ear frequently, and it will bleed. Ear mites need to be controlled in time. Long-term infection will cause otitis media in dogs and affect the hearing and comprehensive immunity of pets.

If a parasitic infection occurs, the veterinarian should be contacted immediately, and the treatment plan will take about 1-3 months. Veterinarians usually prescribe topical ointments to apply to pets' necks and ear canals, as well as insecticide lotions. Dogs infected with parasites indicate that the home environment is also infested with parasites, and it is necessary to spray safe insecticides. If the infestation is serious, you need to use aerosol to kill the insects. When using the aerosol to kill the insects, pay attention to the personnel to clear the site, and then enter the home after thorough ventilation. Households with pets are best vacuumed weekly to reduce the number of eggs and tiny insects. Dog kennels, toys, pillows, fabrics and blankets are breeding grounds for parasites to hide and should be cleaned regularly, sun-dried or disinfected with heat. It is recommended to deworm dogs regularly and wear a deworming collar, because dogs often go out, play in the grass, and contact with other animals, which will increase the risk of parasite infection.

fungal infection

Fungal infection is a fungal infection, commonly known as tinea canis, also known as ringworm ringworm, because the skin of the infected area is ring-shaped and raised, interlocking like money. Dandruff, crusting, redness, pimples, and dark pigmentation may appear on the affected area. Ringworm in dogs spreads quickly. Dog licking can infect the whole body, and it can also be transmitted to people and animals in the same environment. It must be isolated and controlled in time. If there is a fungal infection, it is necessary to check the infected parts of the puppy's whole body, and cut the hair on the affected part. On the other hand, use special drugs to disinfect the affected part, and apply natural anti-ringworm ointment for dogs as required. Pay attention to put a collar on the dog to prevent licking. If the situation is more inflammatory, the veterinarian needs to prescribe a medicated bath for soaking. The source of mold may be a humid home environment, and it is necessary to thoroughly remove mold and disinfect the home environment. Adding kennels and dog beds for dogs can prevent dogs from sticking to the ground for a long time and contacting moisture.

Bacterial infections

Bacterial infection and inflammation are mainly manifested as papules or pustules on the skin of bone protrusions and folds, accompanied by pain. Antibiotic ointment and powder for topical use will be used in the treatment. Bacterial infections are common. Due to the low immunity of dogs, oral administration of omega-3 and collagen can speed up the repair of the skin barrier.

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is allergic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema, which is characterized by dense red bumps. The affected areas are generally the abdomen, legs, underarms, anus, around the eyes, around the mouth, and ears, accompanied by unstoppable itching. Dust mites, insects, dander, fabrics, grooming products, and even food in the environment can cause atopic dermatitis, which is more common in dogs aged six months to three years and older dogs. Veterinarians generally take injections of anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory drugs. When taking care of the dog, the owner pays attention to supplementing the dog's nutrition, doing more exercise, improving the immune level, and better preventing recurrent dermatitis.

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is caused by abnormal skin oil secretion, manifested as excessive oil, sticky hair, heavy body odor, or on the contrary, dry skin and increased dander. The causes of seborrheic dermatitis are more complicated. It may be due to unbalanced vitamin intake, especially the lack of vitamin B complex. In addition, it is also related to abnormal thyroid function and diabetes.

The dog's skin problems require the owner to take good care of them and insist on taking medicine to recover. Gogo Herbs professional veterinary team is dedicated to improving the health of pets. We recommend pet health care products that can enhance immunity from within and build a strong skin barrier. If you are your pet – dog skin and hair formula 30 capsules, rich in Cordyceps fungus Powder Cs-4, lecithin, omega-3 (EPA and DHA), vitamins (B7 and B12), made of 100% natural raw materials, can promote healthy hair growth, strengthen brain cells and retinal development, and promote Lung and tracheal health, and help reduce tear stains. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp +852 5483 0695 to learn more about the health products that are more suitable for your pet. Our veterinarian and nutrition team will serve you wholeheartedly.

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