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        Originated from California, the United States, YOUTHEORY focuses on manufacturing new and innovative wellness supplements that promise to make you glow inside out. The brand uses only the best natural ingredients sourced all around the globe. Every product is produced based on a dedication to build pure, safe, and effective supplements to support the mission to inspire wellness in all. The brand continues to win industry awards and has now developed more than 60,000 retailers on both online and offline platforms in countries including Canada, France, Japan, and Spain. The most well-loved bestseller of the brand would be its collagen formula that will bring you good health as well as perfect skin, hair, and nail. Containing collagen peptides that could easily be digested and absorbed, plus the addition of vitamin C that promotes the formation of collagen and boosts antioxidant protection, the collagen formula would be your perfect pair to attain health from head to toe. You can now find YOUTHEORY’s beloved collagen formula through Gogo Herbs at a bargain price! Contact our health consultant via +852 5483 0695 to learn more.