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Noga factor

What is NAD+?

Short for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, NAD+ is a critical coenzyme found in every cell in our body. This substance involves in hundred of metabolic processes and can recover DNA in the cells. However, the level of NAD+ in our body will continue to drop as we age and depreciate significantly owing to our exposure to everyday stress. Research indicated that our NAD+ level declines by 50% by the time we are 40-60 years old, leading to fatigue and a weak body owning to the lack of energy supply. Yet, on an animal test, scientists found that the cells begin to renew when they inject NAD+ into the animal bodies. The research brings hope that, with an adequate level of NAD+, we can delay aging and recharge our body, making NAD+ the new star among health enthusiasts!

Food Rich in NAD+

When we feel tedious and lack energy, it might be a signal that our body is lacking NAD+! Complementing NAD+ from our daily diet is much easier than we assumed. Make sure to consume this food whenever you are looking for an NAD+ boost:

  • Fish (Like salmon and cord)
  • Crimini Mushroom
  • Avocado
  • Lean Chicken
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Beans (Like Lentil, Pea, and Lima Beans)
  • Dark Green Vegetables (Like Asparagus)
  • Fermented Food

How to Consume NAD+

As the old saying goes, fighting in isolation is never easy. The same applies to complementing NAD+: obtaining them from daily diet alone might not be sufficient to wake the DNA in your cells up. Not only can you consume food that can boost NAD+ level daily and prevent processed food and food that contains unsaturated fat, starting a new habit of taking NAD+ supplement might be another way for you to complement NAD+! As NAD+’s anti-aging properties came to fame, one can easily find various kinds of NAD+ health supplements on the market. Most of these NAD+ supplements contain NADH, NR, and NMN, which are viral substances to build NAD+. Take a tablet after every meal, and you would be able to experience better sleep, a less foggy brain, and a significantly recharged body!

NAD+ Supplement Recommendations

Have difficulties with picking the perfect supplement out of all the possibilities? Try to consult a nutritionist before purchasing any health supplements, so you can learn what kind of supplement is suitable for you. Gogo Herbs has a wide variety of carefully selected health supplements and also a team of nutritionists at your service: contact them via the Whatsapp hotline and get your personalized health advice at ease! And the professional team is recommending the following NAD+ supplement today:

Charenda - Noga Factor Supplement (With Kakadu Plum): The renowned Australian brand uses only the finest natural ingredients in their health supplements. Kakadu plum, an exotic superfood that grows in Australia, is the brand’s most signature ingredients. This fruit is rich in vitamins C, iron, and other nutrients that help maintain good health. This NAD+ formula not only can increase NAD to an optimal level to reduce the damage of free radicals to body cells, promote body metabolism to support body tissue repair and regeneration, but also boost immunity to secure your health!

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