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Ways to boost Your immune System

Ways to boost Your immune System

The Immunity System works as an army in the body, which defeats intruders such as bacteria, virus, allergens, etc. Confronting with more and more mutant virus, there is nothing more important than strengthening the immunity at this time. Apart from modulation with heath care nutrient, you should also take exercises , balanced diet and enough sleep into account.

Definition of Immunity

Immunity refers to the body's ability to fight disease. This defense mechanism recognizes particles like viruses, bacteria and mutant cells .The immunity must be maintained at an appropriate level. With low immunity , the body is prone to attack of the intruder.But with too high level of immunity, the immune system starts attacking its own healthy cells. Immunity includes 2 types:

The innate immunity:

The immune system that people are born with is non-specific, such as skin, mucosa, cytokine and complement factor

The acquired immunity:

It’s immunity reaction mechanism to specific antigen acquired after the first time exposure to the antigen, such as vaccines and colds.

Influencing factors of immunity

1.Weakened immune system

Aging, excessive stress, smoking and drinking, lack of sleep, malnutrition, etc. will all lead to a decline in immunity, making the body prone to colds, liver deterioration, etc.

2.Over functioning of a particular immune system

Too high immunity is not a good thing. When the immune function is too strong, allergic reactions will occur, such as skin allergies and asthma. If it is more serious, it will lead to immune imbalance. Cell tissue, causing various problems caused by immune imbalance.

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How to enhance the immunity

1.Balance nutrition

Foods contain lots of micronutrients ,proteins and other healthy substances that can boost the body's immunity. But if the diet you have is not balanced, you eat only by your preference, the immune system obtains insufficient energy and weakens the immunity.

2.You should smoke less and drink less liquor

Cigarette consists of many chemicals, some of which damages lung cells and interfere with the function of immune cells,making the vessel prone to spasm and causing reduction in supply of nutrients and oxygen.The immune cells can not effectively and rapidly defeat harmful germs under this condition.

When you drink liquor, not only you get drunk but also do your immune cells. Besides the damage to liver and pancreas health, alcohol also results in the functional disorder of Phagocytes, T cells, and B cells. When an attack comes from the outside, the body can not fight it soon enough.

3.Take enough sleep

During sleep the body gets rid of waste and rejuvenates. It’s suggested to sleep for six to eight hours a day and not do drink liquor or use your phone before going to bed. When the body has taken enough rest, it can modulate the immune T cell which defends against antigen and bacteria in the cell to perform better immunity.

4.Avoid too much pressure

Appropriate stress can make us perform better, but when the stress is too high, autoimmune cells may be suppressed and immunity will decline.

5.Take more exercise

Doing exercise can relieve stress, strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system, further help with the weight control, in prevention of various chronic diseases. Doing exercises stimulates the immune system to proceed anti-inflammatory cellular responses whihc is the most effective way to strengthen immunity.

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