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      Vitamins are one of the most well-known nutrients. Though unlike other vital nutrients, vitamins could not provide us with energy nor could be produced inside our body, they are essential to maintain the well being of our body and mind! Apart from strengthening the immune system and speeding up our recovery process when we catch a cold, vitamins are a vital aid in easing stress and keeping us in a good mood! Given that city dwellers in Hong Kong are observed to be living a stressful busy life where three square meals are not guaranteed, it is difficult to absorb adequate vitamins through food and therefore difficult to maintain good health. When considering to pick up some vitamin supplements so as to take care of yourself and the people you love, make sure you know how different kinds of vitamins works: Vitamin A helps protect your vision, Vitamin B1 boosts metabolism, Vitamin B3 ease tiredness, Vitamin B5 keeps the brain in pristine condition, while Vitamin E is the best antioxidant nutrient that keeps the skin healthy. Look no further but at Gogo Herbs, where a vast selection of Vitamin supplement is available to help you and your family to fight vitamin deficiency!