* [March 5th Update] During the epidemic, free SF shipping or self pick-up on orders over $300. With purchase of over 100 packs of COVID-19 rapid test kits, we deliver with GoGoHerbs vans and continue to serve the public and business corporate.
Please note: Gogo Herbs products only ship within Hong Kong
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Rapid testing for COVID-19

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COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Detection Kit

As a new wave of COVID-19 hitting Hong Kong hard, the government has issued an appeal for COVID-19 self-testing at home to all citizens, which makes it difficult for companies and citizens to buy their own test kits. Gogo Herbs is offering COVID-19 rapid antigen detection kits and is providing fast shipping and delivery in 2 hours with GoGo Van to ensure that you will get your kits soon at home.

Order Your COVID-19 Self-Testing Kit

We are selling several COVID-19 rapid antigen detection kits. Except for LABNOVATION – Novel Coronavirus Rapid Antigen Test Kit (For Home Self-Test), we also provide YHLO GLINE-2019-nCoV Rapid Antigen Test for clients and employees to have COVID-19 tests soon, preventing the further spread of the coronavirus. For bulk orders of rapid antigen detection kits, we offer discounts for companies and organizations. Individuals and societies are welcomed to contact us on Whatsapp +852 5483 0695.