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Minerals for children and pregnant women

4 Minerals Needed by Children and Pregnant Women

Minerals have a vital role in the human body, working with other nutrients and enzymes to keep our bones, muscles and immune systems in good shape. If everyone is at risk of developing a mineral deficiency, pregnant women and children are at higher risk because of the high mineral needs of pregnant women during pregnancy and growing children. This article recommends 4 minerals for each expecting mother that are beneficial to the health of themselves and their children.

Child Health: Problems Caused by Poor Nutrition

Child Health: Problems Caused by Poor Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential to a child's life. The child's body needs a high-quality diet. Parents must be aware that some of the chronic diet-related diseases faced by some adults today are caused by malnutrition in childhood. The primary task of raising healthy children is to guide children's healthy eating habits through healthy food. The following are some of the health problems faced by children due to malnutrition.

Top Supplements for Vegans and Vegetarians

Top Supplements for Vegans and Vegetarians

Plant-based diets are popular because of their benefits to the earth, health and animals. Nowadays, more and more supermarket stores and restaurants offer vegetarian food options, so it becomes easier to have plant-based diets. Choosing a vegetarian diet means that you need to pay special attention to whether you meet the required nutritional needs, because it is more difficult to obtain certain vitamins and nutrients in non-meat foods. Here are some vitamins or nutritional supplements that vegetarians need to add.

Benefits of eating cashew nuts

The Benefits of Eating Cashews?

Cashew nuts are a healthy and delicious multifunctional snack. Whether you eat it raw, roasted, seasoned, or added to meals, or as a vegan alternative in classic recipes, cashews can provide us with various nutritional and health benefits. This article mainly introduces several major nutritional benefits of cashew nuts and interesting little knowledge about cashew nuts.

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