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Supplement brands of Canada

Supplement brands of Canada


Natural health products from Canada are immensely popular worldwide and it is easy to see why. Canada is a big and beautiful country with ample space and quality environments for farming and manufacturing. The manufacturing processes along with Health Canada’s licensing procedures enforce a strict standard for natural health products meaning that Canadians and users worldwide have access to safe and effective natural health products. Part of Health Canada’s licensing process includes having natural health companies not only provide scientific evidence that their products are of the highest quality and safety, but they also need to prove the effectiveness of their product as a form of homoeopathic medicine. This evidence process is a unique manufacturing step to Canadian-made natural health products which is one of many reasons why Canada continues to be a leader in natural health.


Jamieson is a Canadian-owned company that has been making quality natural health products since 1922. Jamieson has a reputation for purity, potency, and innovation and has helped to create and define natural health in Canada. Jamieson supplements are TRU-ID certified, which is an independent DNA certification program that uses technology to trace active ingredients in natural health products back to their origins to certify its authenticity. Committed to quality as well as the environment and conservation, Jamieson has become a leader in natural health and now distributes to over 40 countries worldwide.


Straight from non-GMO farms in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, Webber Naturals has been harvesting, by hand, since 1948. After harvest, Webber Naturals processes its products immediately within its local facilities. If there is something that can’t be grown within the Okanagan Valley, Webber Naturals only outsources from farms that meet their highest standards of quality, purity and potency. All Webber Naturals products are tested for quality and safety as well as making efforts towards sustainability and the environment with their farming practices and packaging.


A family run business of 30 years, Organika was born from a passion for health, creativity, innovation, and wellness with a constant aim to strive for new ways to better our health. With industry-backed nutrition and the highest quality standards, Organika products are non-GMO, free from artificial fillers and are organic whenever possible. Organika cares about the environment too and is forward-thinking brand. Its current environmental aim is transitioning its packaging to PCR bottles by 2025.

Pure-le Natural

Dr Max Thuna, an immigrant from Austria, started his herbal shop back in 1881 and with the help of his children, they eventually opened 25 stores across Canada. Pure-le Natural is a family run business by the Thunas, even today as the family reaches its fifth generation of creating quality natural health products. After scouring the globe for pure quality ingredients all products are manufactured in Canada under the supervision of Health Canada and other organisations that have strict global regulations ensuring you get the best possible quality and potency.


Creating high-quality products for your health following rigorous and scientific testing, Holista is more than just health supplements. Holista offers a wide range of supplements, creams and other topical products to enhance your health and wellbeing. Holista uses HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) and atomic analysis on every single batch of its products as well as testing throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that you are getting reliable, trustworthy, and potent ingredients. Holista’s formulas are natural, hypoallergenic, safe, gentle, and use only the highest quality ingredients from reputable suppliers.


COLD-FX took the world by storm with its revolutionary, science-backed, natural health treatments to help you stave off or minimise the effects of the common flu and cold. Since 1993, COLD-FX has been helping people feel better during cold and flu season. COLD-FX contains a natural and proprietary ginseng extract that helps reduce the severity, length, and symptoms of a cold or flu. COLD-FX has been clinically proven to help minimise or avoid the onset of the cold or flu and has become a popular and recommended brand in Canada and worldwide.

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