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Supplement brands of Australia

Supplement brands of Australia

Australian natural health supplements and products are a sought after commodity around the world and are often easily accessible in Hong Kong. All supplements, or complementary medicines, as they are referred to in Australia, must be registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) where they are grouped into one of two categories based on risk by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and assessed for quality, consistency, and efficiency. Complementary medicines in Australia are regulated within the same legal framework as pharmaceutical drugs. This setup, procedure, and standard enforces quality and safety that ensures consumers that they’re getting the best possible supplement for their health, which is what makes some of the Australian branded natural health products the most popular on the market.


On a mission to inspire health and happiness, Swisse originated from a small rural area in Melbourne. Swisse owner, Kevin Ring, travelled the world throughout the 1960s learning about natural health and its latest developments. In 1991 he created a multi-vitamin for women that became the Swisse flagship product which saw immense success. Swisse has now expanded to have over 200+ supplements that have been carefully developed. Swisse has since become one of the biggest selling brands of natural health products in Australia.


Founded by Maurice Blackmore in 1932, Blackmores has been a leader in Australian natural health for more than 80 years. Blackmore’s ideas on natural health in the 1930s were nothing short of radical as his views on health, preventative medicine, sustainability, and the environment are still valid today, if not even more so. Blackmore prides itself on quality, for both humans and pets, by working with some of the world’s leading raw suppliers that meet Blackmore’s strict ingredient policy and quality standards. Blackmores is also highly committed to sustainability with its packaging being 98% recyclable and often coming in glass containers versus plastic.


Originating in 2010, Charenda wants to make health easy and accessible for everyone in the modern age. Charenda specialises in natural health products, supplements and skincare using the most powerful natural ingredients. Charenda focuses on Australia’s local bounty, like the potent and beneficial Kakadu plum, that is native to Australia and important to its Indigenous people. Charenda uses sustainable and ethical practices while still ensuring the best quality supplements.


Ostelin makes a wide range of bone health supplements, from vitamin D and calcium for both kids and adults. Ostelin offers its products in a variety of digestible forms from pills, liquids and chewables. Its products are made in Australia and are held to Australia quality standards and regulations. Ostelin products contain high strength amounts of its vitamins and minerals meaning that it’s easy to get the nutrients needed with smaller doses. Ostelin products are also free of any additional additives, making it appropriate for many with dietary restrictions or allergies, as well as being Halal certified. This means that when an Ostelin product is consumed you’re only getting the nutrition you need without any excess.

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