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Supplement and lifestyle advice on liver protection

Supplement and lifestyle advice on liver protection

Study of the Chinese University of Hong Kong shows that the diet high in salt,sugar or grease added with drinking problems lead to the liver fat accumulation issue of over 1 quarter of hongkong people (27.3%). Among whom, male outnumbers female.

Liver is the vital organ for nutrition storage and detox .When the liver falls sick,it affects other organs’ function, forming a vicious circle. In addition to the liver problem,the malfunctioning gallbladder will directly effect on the health of liver. A proverb goes as to look out for each other as liver and gallbladder,which refers to a sincere and heartful relationship. Also it tells us how close the gallbladder and liver links. Gogo herb sheds light on convenient ways to protect the liver,let’ s start from adjusting lifestyle and diet.

Liver health and its function


Liver is the internal organ located below the right rib of the human body,which mainly functions in metabolizing carbohydrate, fat and protein;storing glycogen; resolving toxins and detoxing, filtering the toxins in blood and producing bile.


The gallbladder is a sac located under the liver responsible for storage and concentration of bile produced by the liver. The gallbladder releases certain bile when greasy food or alcohol is taken in the body and resolve them with the help of bile.

Factors that affects the health of liver


The liver has a limited ability to metabolize alcohol.Heavy drinking or Long-term alcohol abuse will damage the liver cell, causing liver fibrosis at the beginning, and then it forms fatty liver and alcoholic hepatitis.It could lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer in the end.


Cigarettes contains a number of toxic substances that will be metabolized by the liver.Smoking in the long time will continuously damage the organ.

3.Medicine and chemicals

Medicine will be metabolized by the liver. Therefore if you take a medicine or the chemicals poisonous to the liver in the long run ,such as aflatoxin and dimethylformamide, it does harm to the liver and increases the chance of getting liver cancer.

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Liver protection methods

1.Take regular exercises

Take at least three times of mid-intensity exercises for 30 minutes on a weekly basis. Exercises such as cycling ,swimming ,yoga,and fast walk are beneficial for enhancing the function of the liver and the gallbladder.

2.Follow the healthy work & rest timetable

From 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. is the time for body self repair.It is suggested to go to bed before 11pm every night for the best detox efficiency of the liver ,which can also reduce the risk of inflammation in gallbladder and bile duct.


Take plenty of fruit and vegetables.If you want to maintain liver and gallbladder health, you should avoid foods containing aflatoxin and trans fat, for example,peanuts, corn, sorghum, fermented tofu, stinky tofu and fried foods to ease the burden on liver and gall digestion.

Liver Supplements Recommendation

Kirkland Signature – B100 Complex w/ Choline & Inositol | Time Release | 300 tablets
Mother Nature – Liver Detox 60 Capsules
Holista – Milk Thistle | 150mg | 240 capsules

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