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The role of vitamins

Stay strong and healthy with the aid of Vitamins

Weak body, easy to get sick and tired? Feeling depressed and unhappy? All these questions can be left toVitaminsHelp improve! Vitamins play an important role in promoting our body's metabolism. With its nutrition, we can stay away from chronic urban diseases. Besides that, vitamins can make us feel good and relieve the stress we accumulate from our daily life. In today's era of ever-changing viruses, another important task of vitamins is toEnhance immunity and resistance. If you want to use vitamins to add value to your health, of course you must understand the effects of various vitamins!

Effects of different vitamins

There are two types of vitamins: water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins are prone to water and heat, therefore washing food that contains water-soluble vitamins for a long time or cooking them for a long time will damage its nutrients. Fat-soluble vitamins, on the other hand, are easier for the human body to store. Yet, be careful that the human body cannot excrete an excessive amount of fat-soluble vitamins.

Water-soluble vitamins and their functions

  • Vitamin B: Meats, liver, and other food that are rich in protein are also rich in vitamin B. Among the vitamin B family, vitamin B12, which is in charge of the formation of cells, could only be found in animal products! Overall, vitamin B supports normal metabolism, with vitamin B6 as a vital nutrient to facilitate a healthy mental system.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C, probably the most well-known vitamin among the family, could be easily found in most vegetables and fruits. Not only can Vitamin C boost the immune system, but it can also heal cells and speed up our recovery speed whenever a wound appears. Moreover, vitamin C also helps the body to absorb iron and calcium. On top of that, vitamin C also supports the production of collagen and is capable of performing antioxidant function!

Fat-soluble vitamins and their functions

  • Vitamin A : Eyes and skin are healthy, while maintaining intestinal health and healthy bones and teeth. Deficiency can lead to hair loss, dry skin, and more likely to make the mood irritable.
  • Vitamin D: Exposure to ultraviolet B through sunlight could cause vitamin D to be produced in the skin automatically, yet it is also one of the most common nutrients that city dwellers are deficient in. Food that is rich in vitamin D includes fish and egg yolks. A sufficient amount of vitamin D could help our body to absorb calcium and phosphorus. It is also a crucial substance to maintain healthy teeth and bones.
  • Vitamin E: Being a commonly found component in skin care products, vitamin E is a nutrient that delivers significant antioxidant effects, keeping our skin and cells healthy. Green vegetables, grains, and nuts are a common food source for vitamin E.
  • Vitamin K: Vitamin K obtained from spinach and other green leafy vegetables and soybean products can maintain liver health, increase bone density and provide blood coagulation function.
Jamieson – Bone Strengthening Calcium Magnesium and Vitamin D 365 Capsules
Jamieson – Bone Strengthening Calcium Magnesium and Vitamin D 365 Capsules

How to get an adequate amount of vitamins?

When we look closely, it is clear that most of the meat, vegetables, and grain products are rich in different vitamins, which means that we could sufficiently absorb them through a balanced diet and exercise under the sun! However, given that many of us are living a busy life where three square meals are not guaranteed, it is hard for city dwellers to attain a balanced diet. At the same time, the number of vegetarians and people who follow unique diet plans rises continuously, making it a difficult way to absorb enough vitamins via our everyday meal. Fortunately, there are many vitamin supplement brands and products available to help you attain your vitamin needs under any circumstances! For example, L’il Critters and Ostelin have a gummy bear vitamin formula and a liquid vitamin formula, making it easier for kids to take their vitamin supplements. centrumhas a compound vitamin formula targeting different vitamin needs of men and women of different ages, making it easy for anyone to get a sufficient amount of nutrients at ease. Jamieson, on the other hand, launched a series of single vitamin formulas, making it possible for anyone to complement their own special vitamin needs according to their lifestyle and habits.

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