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Six advices to prevent vision impairment

Modern people use electronic products for a long time in their daily life, and stare at the screen for too long, and their eyes will degenerate and become blurred if they are not careful. If you do not pay attention to the warning signs of eye aging, in addition to presbyopia, the probability of getting problems that affect vision such as macular degeneration is several times higher than the average person. To maintain eye health,Eye protection methodcan not be less.

The eye is the most direct organ we explore the world with. Lights reflects to the eye from objects and converts into image in the brain through a series of comprehensive effect of cornea, iris, lens and retina .This is how we can see the world. As you you have been using eyes in the wrong way with age,the eye problems may emerge.

Common eye diseases

Myodesopsia(Eye floater)

Physiologic myodesopsia happens as the the age adds and when you have nearsightedness. Most physiologic myodesopsia is benign .Black spots, lines and circle and other floating objects appear in visual field attributing to opacity from vitreum natural degeneration. However, if the condition does not improve for a long time, you should take further medical examination on vitreous hemorrhage, peripheral retinal holes, retinal detachment, which require medical treatments soon as possible.

macular degeneration

The most sensitive part of human vision is the macula, and degeneration will lead to light and shade in the visual center and abnormal recognition ability. The cause of the onset is the accumulation of lipids behind the retina due to aging, forming a yellow deposit "hidden knot", or it is caused by abnormal blood vessels. If not treated properly, it can lead to vision loss.


Symptoms usually begin around the age of 40.You can not see the near things clear .The vision becomes blurred when you change focus.The cause of Presbyopia is that The elasticity of the intraocular lens decreases with age, and gradually lose the ability to adjust the focal length.

crystal degradation

Lens degeneration may lead to symptoms of sensitivity to light or feeling that the colors you see are no longer bright. The reason may be that the lens is blurred due to aging, genetics, complications, drugs and other factors, making it impossible for light and images to reach the retina, further affecting vision.

high eye pressure

High intraocular pressure is the main factor that causes eye problems. In severe cases, symptoms such as sudden blurred vision, eye pain, headache, and nausea and vomiting may occur. People with a family history of genetic disease or people with high myopia, excess body fat, or cardiovascular problems are at greater risk for high eye pressure.

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Good habits for eye health


We blink less spontaneously, when we have been staring at 3C products.The cornea doesn't get enough moisture in time and dries as you blink less frequently .The Vision will become blurred.Remember to blink usually and keep the eyes moisturized.As for the blinking frequency ,you can refer to the 20/20 rest principle ,that is to take a 20-second break after you use the the digital device for 20 minutes.

2.Hydrate the environment

The dry air in the room with air conditioner or heater dries the eye as well.You should avoid direct air blow into the eyes and breathe fresh air outdoors occasionally.Drink more water or use a humidifier to avoid dry eyes.

3.Eye message

Take several drops of smoothing and relieving essential oil on the palm, and then mix it with lotion .Warm the mixture on your palm and gently message the surrounding of eyes by circling for 5-10 times. Then press the eyebrow socket slight harder with finger pulp.This message can relax and moisturize the eyes by stimulating the eyelid glands to secrete enough tear film .

4.Quit smoking

Smoking not only increases the risk of lung disease, but also tends to reduce the blood flow in the eyes. On the other hand, it increases the oxygen free radicals in the eyes and causes damage to the optic nerve. If it is mild, it may be dry eyes, and if it is more severe, it may affect vision. The most extreme ones may cause permanent blindness, so smoking cessation is advised, as well as the chances of inhaling secondhand smoke.

5.UV protection

It’s necessary to wear sunglasses that can block UV damage when you go out during the day. The long term exposure to UV light can raise the chance of getting cataract and macular degeneration.The excessive exposure to UV in short time even can burn eyes and cause direct damage.In addition, when you go to the seaside or snow field underlying dangerous glare and light reflection, you should wear the glasses with lens of extra protection film besides its UVA & UVB block function.

6.Ensure adequate sleep

Sleep cycle for 7-8 hours each day can also protect the eyes. The eyes keep rotating during sleep and accelerates the metabolism of waste. When you don’t get enough sleep, the waste deposits in eye, making the eyes more fatigue and dry and swelling.

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