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Prestige-Low Sugar Oatmeal Cheese Sandwich 69g


- Produced in Bulgaria with traditional local flavour
- Abundant probiotics and dietary fiber can promote intestinal health, improve blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipids
- Without any GMOs, hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, which is delicious and healthy

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Prestige-Low Sugar Oatmeal Cheese Sandwich 69g
Prestige – Muesli Low Sugar Sandwich Yogurt Cream 69g

Prestige Low Sugar Oatmeal Cheese Sandwich is produced in Bulgaria. It has a traditional Bulgarian cheese flavor. It is rich in probiotics and dietary fiber. It is good for intestinal health, improves blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipids. It does not contain genetically modified organisms, hydrogenated fats, and artificial sweeteners. Flavoring agent or preservative, delicious and healthy.

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