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[2 pieces free shipping] PÜRA VÏDA-Matcha grapefruit oatmeal crisp 250g


– Local healthy snack brand
– Baked oatmeal and fresh almonds with matcha powder and shredded grapefruit, fresh and delicious
– Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, highly effective anti-oxidant
– Replenishing beauty, promoting gastrointestinal digestion, lowering blood fat and cholesterol
– No added refined sugar, preservatives or additives
– Can be eaten alone or with cheese or milk, delicious and healthy

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PÜRA VÏDA-Matcha Yuzu Oatmeal Crisp 250g
PÜRA VÏDA – Matcha Yuzu Granola 250g

PÜRA VÏDA is a local healthy snack brand. Matcha yuzu oatmeal crisps are baked with matcha powder and yuzu crushed oatmeal and fresh almonds. It is fresh and delicious, without added refined sugar, preservatives or additives, and is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Vegetarian, highly effective anti-oxidant, can nourish beauty, promote intestinesstomachDigests, lowers blood fat and cholesterol, can be eaten alone or with cheese or milk, delicious and healthy.


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