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Ausganica – Organic Rose BB Soft Sun Cream 40g


- Made in Australia. Certified Organic by ACO & OFC, which is one of the most respected and rigorous standards in the world for organic production
– 38.3% organic, 61.98% natural
– Suitable for all skin types, suitable for sensitive and fragile skin
– Contains precious organic Otto rose essential oil and pomegranate polyphenols, which can nourish and condition the skin
– Olive squalene and comfrey extract to soothe sensitive irritation
– Arbutin, vitamin C and rosehip oil, whitening and brightening the skin, leaving the skin soft and moisturized at all times

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Ausganica – Organic Rose BB Soft Sun Cream 40g
Ausganica – Organic Rose BB Cream 40g

Rose is "after the flower" can promote cell repair and regeneration, make the skin shiny and look young and beautiful. Concealing foundation and ultra-fine pearl powder, light and translucent, perfectly modifies blemishes and spots; SPF50+ high sun protection factor provides flawless protection for the skin.

After basic skin care, it can be directly applied to the face. It can be used as a makeup primer, day sunscreen or directly as a foundation

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Dimensions 6.3 × 6.3 × 16 cm


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