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Respiratory health

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Respiratory system

        The respiratory system is divided into two parts, the nose, pharynx, and throat are the upper respiratory system; the trachea, bronchi, and lungs are the lower respiratory system. Hong Kong is crowded with people and cars, and the air quality is poor, which puts a great burden on the respiratory system of urbanities. If you or the people around you have a smoking habit, the respiratory system will be even more burdensome.

        Did you know that lung cancer is the number one cancer killer in Hong Kong? Among all malignant tumors, lung cancer ranks first regardless of male or female mortality. In addition to the risk of premature death, all patients with chronic respiratory diseases have to bear physical pain, unable to engage in work or normal physical activity. If you want to prevent respiratory diseases, in addition to reducing smoking and regularly enhancing cardiopulmonary function, you can also buy the following health products from Gogo Herbs, including high-concentration propolis, spirulina, natural herbal lung clearing tablets, etc. These products can reduce respiratory diseases Probability.