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Jiahuling – Space Sterilization and Placement Type 60g (Japanese version)

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-No.1 sales in Japan
-Japanese registered patented technology
- 24-hour active sterilization and deodorization in the space
- suitable for any space
- Affirmed by the Japanese medical community, and recognized by the World Health Organization and the world as safe and efficient

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Jiahuling – Space Sterilization and Placement Type 60g (Japanese version)
Cleverin – Sustained Release Gel 60g (Japanese Version)

Jiahuling-Space Sterilization and Placement Type helps to inhibit bacteria and viruses in the environment and attached to objects. Japanese patented technology can effectively and stably release low-concentration chlorine dioxide for a long time, and distribute it evenly in the space. When chlorine dioxide gas interacts with bacteria in the air, it can safely and effectively inhibit bacteria and viruses in the space, and has the function of removing odor. Affirmed by the Japanese medical community and the World Health Organization, the product is safe and suitable for any space, such as bedrooms, toilets, kitchens, pet spaces, schools, hospitals, etc. Suitable for pregnant women, infants and young children, the elderly and all age groups.

1. Please open the white bottle cap, and be careful not to let the liquid in the bottle overflow
2. Pour all the granules in the enclosed aluminum foil bag into the bottle until the contents solidify into a gel
3. Tighten the included cap until you hear a click (Note: Once the included cap is installed, it will not be easily removed)
4. It is better to place it in a stable position with a height of about .5 meters

– This product is not edible, please keep it out of reach of children
– Do not use in places with high temperature and direct sunlight
– Do not use in small spaces such as cars and refrigerators
– Please read the instructions and precautions on the packaging carefully when using

Valid date:
April 2025

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