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Propolis – Water-Free Antibacterial Spray 100ml


-Integrated antibacterial and disinfection.

-Special formula, apply directly to hands without washing.

-Suitable for professionals who often need to wash their hands.

- Effectively kill 99.9% common bacteria

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Propolis – Water-Free Antibacterial Spray 100ml
Poly Clean – Disinfectant Hand Spray 100ml

Poly Clean – Water-free antibacterial spray contains PF disinfectant, ethanol, C2H5OH disinfectant and lavender extract, which can effectively antibacterial and remove 99% of the bacteria on the skin. The formula also adds glycerin and aloe vera skin care nutrients. Stay clean and refreshed.

Spray an appropriate amount on hands, rub gently until absorbed and dry, no need to rinse or wipe

– This product is flammable when not dry
– Avoid contact with face, eyes and wounds
– In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water
– If the skin becomes uncomfortable or sensitive after use, please stop using it immediately
– Keep out of the reach of children

Effective date:
February 25, 2025

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