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Made in Korea (Free Shipping of 50 Boxes) Abbott – Panbio™ COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test (1 Pack) x 50 Boxes


– EU CE certification, listed in the EU general list
– Has been listed on the government’s Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) package approval list
– Can detect COVID-19
– 靈敏度和特異度分別高達98.2%和100%
– Simple operation, using nasal swab samples
– Get rapid antigen test results in just 15 minutes
- Made in Korea

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Made in Korea (Free Shipping of 50 Boxes) Abbott – Panbio™ COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test (1 Pack) x 50 Boxes
Made in Korea (Free Shipping for 50 boxes) Abbott – Panbio™ COVID-19 AG RAPID TEST DEVICE 1test kit x 50 boxes

雅培 – Panbio新型冠狀病毒快速測試劑獲歐盟CE認證,是政府認可名單的品牌之一,適用於檢測是否感染 COVID-19,靈敏度高達98.2%,特異度高達100%,只需15分鐘就可以取得測試結果,適用於去過高風險地區人士、尚無症狀但害怕或疑似感染人士及日常自檢。

Each serving kit includes:
1 instruction pamphlet
1 test device
1 extraction tube
1 blue cap
1 buffer bottle
1 swab
1 bag
1 test-tube rack

1. Nasal cavity sampling, turn the left and right nasal cavity 4-6 times each (about 15 seconds each)
2. To prepare the sample, place the nasal stick into the antigen extraction tube
3. To perform the test, invert the test tube vertically and drop the test sample into the sample well
4. Start the timer, wait 15 minutes, and check the test result

– The above products are only suitable for preliminary screening, and the test results should be combined with other clinical symptoms for diagnosis
– If you have any doubts about the test results, you should seek professional advice from your doctor immediately. If you suspect infection, feel unwell or have any symptoms; such as fever, cough, runny nose and sore throat, etc., you should also seek medical attention immediately for proper diagnosis

Storage method:
Store the cartridge in a cool dry place (2-30 °C). Do not freeze the test cartridge or contents.

Effective date:
November 2023

Weight 1.9kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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