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[Buy 3 Get 1 Free] SANISWISS – S3 Eco-Friendly Multi-Function Sanitizing Cleaning Spray 750ml


– Produced in Switzerland, certified by the EU, only 26% alcohol can quickly kill 99.999% bacteria, fungi and viruses (including coronavirus) on the surface, skin and air of objects within 60 seconds
– Produced with patented technology to reduce damage to the surface and skin of the object,Quick-drying and residue-free sterilization
Especially suitable for the surface of objects that are frequently touched on a daily basis

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SANISWISS – S3 Eco-Friendly Multi-Function Sanitizing Cleaning Spray 750ml
SANISWISS – S3 Sanitizer Surface 750ml

SANISWISS S3 Eco-friendly Multifunctional Disinfection and Cleaning Spray is produced in Switzerland and certified by the European Union. Only 26% alcohol can kill 99.999% bacteria, fungi and viruses (including coronavirus) on the surface of objects, skin and air within 60 seconds. , its formula is produced with patented technology, which can reduce the damage to the surface of the object and the skin, and achieveQuick-dry and leave no residue for sterilization, especially for surfaces that are frequently touched every day.

Can be applied directly to any surface that needs to be cleaned and disinfected

-Please place it out of the reach of babies and children
– If you drink by mistake, drink plenty of water and seek medical assistance
– Do not use this product with other disinfection/similar products
– Do not atomize or use fumigation in a confined space without proper respiratory protection
-If used with a nebulizer, please avoid direct inhalation of large amounts
– Improper use of the product may be harmful to the body

Expiry Date :
August 2024

Weight 1.51 kg
Dimensions 9 × 5.5 × 27.5 cm


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