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PAW – Hair, Skin & Nail Health Chewable Vitamin 300g


– 適合有皮膚,毛髮,指甲乾燥或乾裂的狗隻使用
– 生物素、二氧化矽和鋅有助維持健康的皮膚、外套和指甲
– 奇亞籽及亞麻籽能有效令寵物的毛髮光亮潤澤
– 含多種維他命及礦物質,有助維持寵物全面健康
– Each bottle contains approximately 60 chewable tablets

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PAW – Hair, Skin & Nail Health Chewable Vitamin 300g
PAW – Coat, Skin and Nails Chew 300g

PAW – 毛髮、皮膚及指甲保健咀嚼維他命由美味袋鼠肉製成,主要成份生物素、二氧化矽和鋅有助假促進健康的皮膚、毛髮和指甲的形成,奇亞籽及亞麻籽能有效保持寵物毛髮柔順亮澤,特別適合有皮膚或指甲乾燥破裂及毛髮乾燥易斷的狗隻使用。產品同時含有多種維他命及礦物質,有助維持狗隻全面健康。

亞麻籽(688毫克)、奇亞籽(250毫克)、抗壞血酸(相等於33毫克維他命C)、矽(12.5毫克)、多不飽和脂肪酸(相等於DHA 9.2毫克)、硫酸鋅(相等於6.7毫克鋅)、生物素(3微克)


Suggested taking method:
Dogs 0-4 kg: Chew 1/2 tablet daily with meals
Dogs 5-14 kg: Chew 1 tablet daily with meals
Dogs 15-29 kg: Chew 2 tablets daily with meals
30 公斤或以上狗隻:每日用膳時咀嚼服用3片

– Keep out of reach of children
– Please store in a place below 30 degrees and avoid direct sunlight
– Avoid moisture, high temperature and light exposure
– Make sure the bottle cap is tightened after each use

Effective date:
July 2023

Weight 388 kg
Dimensions 9.2 × 9.2 × 11.2 cm


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