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NANO FILM – HEALTH ESSENTIALS Nano Dissolving Tablets 12 Tablets

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– 12 tablets (4 tablets each: SUN+ for vitamin D enhancement, RELAX+ for sleep improvement, ENERGY+ for refreshing, NIA+ for anti-aging)
– SUN+ of vitamin D: helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and maintains healthy bones and teeth
– RELAX+ to improve sleep quality: helps to relax and improve sleep quality
– Refreshing ENERGY+: Boosts energy to keep you energized at work or study
– Anti-aging NIA+: Antioxidant, maintains cardiovascular, nervous system, skin, hair, eyes, liver and muscle health

1 × GNC - Men's Epimedium Maca Formula 60 Capsules

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NANO FILM – Nano Dissolving Tablet SUN+

Vitamin D can be absorbed by the body through sun exposure, so it is called the "sunshine vitamin". However, urbanites work indoors for a long time, and they will wear sunscreen when going out to block harmful substances in the sun, but at the same time reduce the absorption of vitamin D. If this nutrient is lacking for a long time, the bones will not calcify normally, resulting in softness and deformation, which will reduce the bone density and weaken the bone structure, which will easily lead to fractures. In addition, vitamin D helps regulate immune and anti-inflammatory functions. A report published in the British Medical Journal in 2017 analyzed the data of 25 clinical studies and 11,000 participants, and confirmed that vitamin D supplementation can effectively reduce the risk of acute respiratory infections. SUN+ Nano Dissolving Tablets provides 50,000 IU of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), through innovative nano dissolving tablets, effectively supplementing the vitamins you need for a week. The nano-dissolving tablets with fresh fruity taste slowly melt in your mouth, allowing you to absorb nutrients instantly.

Faced with heavy work pressure and fast pace of life, urbanites are prone to mental stress and lack of sleep, suffering from insomnia. Many of them rely on sleeping pills to help them sleep, but it is easy to cause dependence, and the drugs also have certain side effects. NANO FILM – RELAX+ is a daily nutritional supplement that provides nutrients such as melatonin, L-theanine and 5-HTP to help regulate sleep cycles. Nano-dissolve tablets with a refreshing mint flavor melt in the mouth to deliver nutrition in a three-action formula. Wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated, without the hangover that typical sleep aids leave.

NANO FILM – Nano Dissolving Tablets ENERGY+
Long hours of work or study are the norm in many people's lives, and they will rely on energy drinks to refresh themselves. However, many energy drinks on the market contain a lot of caffeine or sugar. Long-term consumption may lead to physical and mental health problems such as obesity, increased blood pressure, and emotional instability. NANOfilmTech ENERGY+ Nano Dissolving Tablets provide the body with instant energy and have no added sugar so it won't disrupt blood sugar levels. Melting in your mouth with refreshing citrus, cinnamon, and mint flavors, the nano melt-in-the-mouth tablets provide a pleasant, refreshing taste that instantly lifts your spirits and is a healthy alternative to coffee, tea, or sugary energy drinks.

NANO FILM – Nano Dissolving Tablet NIA+
Living in a bustling city, environmental factors, living habits, mental stress and other issues will affect the health of the skin, and there is a chance to accelerate aging. The main ingredient of NIA+ nano dissolving tablets developed by REIGN and LifeTech contains vitamin B3 (also known as niacin), which helps maintain the nervous system, metabolism and lower bad cholesterol in pharmacology. In addition, several recent studies have proved that vitamin B3 can be converted into NAD + (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) in the body. NAD + is an indispensable metabolite of human cells, and the level of NAD + will drop significantly with age. If NAD+ molecules can be supplemented and enhanced, effects such as delaying aging, enhancing metabolism, and improving cardiovascular system functions can be achieved.

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