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KATLAI-Anti-epidemic Aroma Mask Sticker (Fresh Formula) 12 Pieces


– Proved by the local Chinese medicine R&D center team, it effectively inhibits the new coronavirus and kills Staphylococcus aureus
– Combine natural aromatherapy and Chinese herbal formulas to exert natural and effective antibacterial protection
– Aromatherapy formula specially formulated with lavender, pheasant pepper and eucalyptus essential oils, pleasantly balanced and improved breathing

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KATLAI-Anti-epidemic Aroma Mask Sticker (Fresh Formula) 12 Pieces
KATLAI – Anti Coronavirus Aromatherapy Patch (Refreshing Formula) 12 pcs

The aromatherapy antibacterial mask patch, jointly developed by the team of the Chinese Medicine Research and Development Center of a famous university in Hong Kong and Kat Lai Wellness, combines natural aromatherapy and Chinese herbal formulas to effectively inhibit the new coronavirus and kill Staphylococcus aureus. The patented formula in the product can inhibit the spike protein on the shell of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). After the natural aromatherapy essential oils and Chinese herbal extracts enter the respiratory tract, they will spread all over the surface of the bronchial branches. When the upper respiratory tract is invaded and infected by the new coronavirus, its spike protein will be inhibited by the extract of Chinese medicine to prevent the binding with the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) in the human receptor, and effectively inhibit the virus activity and exert its natural effectiveness. The antibacterial protection. This product has been verified by the local Chinese medicine research and development center team, is effective, safe, and suitable for adult use. The mask is attached with an aromatherapy formula specially formulated with lavender, pheasant pepper and eucalyptus essential oil, which is pleasantly balanced, improves breathing, and allows you to have a more comfortable experience when wearing the mask.

Tear open the packaging bag, take out the mask sticker, and stick it on the outside of the mask or on the collar. It is recommended to put the mask sticker within 20cm of the upper respiratory tract to exert the best antibacterial effect. Every time you take out the mask sticker, please pull up the rubber seal on the packaging bag as soon as possible to avoid the volatilization and oxidation of the essential oil of the formula, which will affect the efficacy of the product. It is recommended to replace one piece every 4 hours to get the best protection

– The product is for external use only
– This product should be placed in a cool place, away from direct sunlight or heat
– If you feel unwell when using this product, stop using it and seek medical advice immediately
– This product can effectively inhibit the new coronavirus when used correctly, but the virus may still invade from other transmission channels. Users must always be alert, and take other defensive measures to prevent infection
– For pregnant women/hypertension/epilepsy/skin sensitivity/fava beans/long-term patients, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using this product
– The service life of this product may vary depending on the environment and location
– Under normal use, this product will continue to exert its antibacterial effect within four to eight hours; users may have different perceptions of the fragrance lasting time due to fatigue of the smell, or may reduce the sensitivity of the fragrance. This is Normal phenomenon, will not affect the utility of this product
– This product contains a high concentration of natural essential oils. If you touch the skin for a long time, it may cause sensitivity or discomfort. Please put this product on the outside of the mask or other places that will not directly contact the skin.

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July 2023

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