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【Suitable for extremely dry and eczema skin】QV – Intensive with Ceramides Moisturizing Cream 350ml

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– 經過皮膚科專家測試
– 不阻塞毛孔配方,不含香料和防腐劑
– 配方易吸收不油膩,為肌膚提供24小時保濕
– 含Ceramides EOP & NP 幫助強化皮膚屏障及有助於防止乾燥

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QV – Intensive with Ceramides 潤膚霜 350毫升
QV – Intensive with Ceramides Light Moisturising Cream 350ml

獨特醫學配方CERAMIDES EOP & NP COMPLEX及修護因子,並蘊含L-LACTIC ACID & NICOTINAMIDE修護成份,有助於加強皮膚屏障,預防肌膚乾燥。 配方快速吸收,清爽不油膩,為肌膚提供24小時保濕。 不阻塞毛孔配方,不含香料和防腐劑,皮膚科專家測試。


Product expiration date:
June 2024

Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 17.8 × 4.8 × 9.1 cm

1 review for 【極乾痕及濕疹皮膚適用】QV – Intensive with Ceramides 潤膚霜 350毫升

    Hoi Ming Pi
    Very good price
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