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Colgate – Brightening Night Serum 2.5ml

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– Revolutionary deep whitening and repairing technology
– Efficient medical grade whitening and repairing factor+
– Fine brush head, 360° no dead angle and even whitening
– Enamel-friendly formula to avoid tooth sensitivity

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1 × Dettol- Hand Sanitizer 50ml

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Colgate – Brightening Night Serum 2.5ml
Colgate – Overnight Whitening Pen 2.5 mL

Colgate – Light Sensitive White Night Whitening Serum adopts revolutionary deep whitening repair technology, which can deeply remove tooth stains, form a soft and bright white film on the surface of teeth, lock in whitening all night, while caring for enamel and avoiding tooth sensitivity. 1 box of the product can be used for about 50 days. The thoughtful and lightweight pen-shaped design is easy to operate. After 1 minute of application, you only need to gently pat dry with a tissue to help you easily whiten while sleeping.

1) After brushing teeth, use before going to bed
2) With the tip of the pen down, press the button several times until the whitening essence flows out
3) Apply the whitening essence to the surface of the teeth and form a whitening film within 10 seconds
4) The whitening film penetrates and repairs overnight, and the next day, brush your teeth as usual to remove the film

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April 1, 2024

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